MLM Lead Generation

 Let me start off by saying that domain names are extremely important to you Successful Internet Network Marketing. If you are promoting an affiliate site or generic marketing system, you need to buy your own website domain.

Let me use this analogy. Think of attracting a client as like dating someone. You want to make yourself as attractive as possible to ask them out on a date right? Not be dressed in sweats and a raggy shirt. You would put your best clothes on and make yourself look as attractive as possible. Think of it this way, on the other side of each click is a living breathing person. Would that person rather click on a link like this , or would they click on Which is more attractive to you? The second one right!!!

You can go and buy your own domain name cheap for around $9. Make sure you by the .com version first, but I recommend buying the .net, and .biz versions as well for future use. Now, when actually selecting a domain name, try to think of something catchy that will appeal to your target market. My site is called, do you think that name might appeal to those who are looking to do well in Network Marketing?

Next, you need to do something on called a re-direct. All that means is that when people click on that link, they go to whatever affiliate site that you have signed up for. But, you will be putting your best foot forward instead of having your affiliate link showing to everyone! This is fine if you are going to promote an affiliate site or just a generic internet network marketing system, but to be really successful in internet network marketing, you need your own system!

 Promote you and your knowledge and you will have customers for life. I recommend buying your own site you can design and have full control over. You can change whatever headline is appropriate and that you like. I like to refer to this as having your own automated prospecting system. You need your own site with your own landing page. A landing page is basically just a regular web page, but with your marketing message on it. However, you need to make this a little unique because with this system, you only have about 10 seconds to grab someone's attention. You need some sort of attention grabbing headline. Something like "Lose weight the easy way" or "Make Big Money from Home". You want to grab their attention enough to get them to input their e-mail address into your page. Tell them how you can make them successful in internet network marketing

Here is a quick video on website building. 

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