MLM Relationship Marketing

An auto responder is an e-mail system which will automatically send out e-mails to those who have gone to your landing page and input their information. In this way, you can get your marketing message out to your prospects without you manually intervening. The key here is to first establish a relationship with those people, not to try and sell them something right off the bat. I recommend using AWeber as your auto-responder. Its very easy to use.

MLM relationship marketing is an absolutely vital part and strategy for conducting your network marketing business online.

All too often, people focus on trying to make some sort of initial sale right off the bat instead of trying to build trust with a person. Have you ever heard the statistic that it usually takes 7 exposures of your message before a person would be receptive to it? How do you accomplish that you might ask? With an MLM email marketing campaign and an auto-responder.

Here is a great example. I had been subscribing to a certain persons MLM email lists, just wanting to get some free information from this guy. Now, I had been on his list for a couple of months, but I kept reading more and more of what he had to say again and again and it made sense. I thought, this guy must know what he is talking about! He kept telling me more and more information and I thought, wow, this guy is giving out great information here.

I kept getting his email messages day after day after day, all packed with good information. On the subconscious level, I really began to think that this guy is an expert, and I wanted, I needed to know what he had to say! It was almost hypnotic.

Do you see what happened here? Over time he built up a relationship with me. Do you know how he did it? With an e-mail follow-up and marketing from his auto-responder. Extremely effective and one of the most important tools you can ever have.

Here are some tips for effective MLM relationship marketing with your auto-responder:

1) Know exactly what kind of person you are writing to. Your messages should clearly speak to that kind of person.

2) Write about what that person wants. Your communication should flow seamlessly from your their first contact on your web page to each email sequence.

3) Seek to instruct and give before you get. By providing useful information to the audience you are speaking to, you will endear them to you and start to build a trusting relationship with them.

These are just a couple tips to get you started with your network marketing email campaigns.

Let me say this, MLM email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your prospects. It helps to brand you as an expert and builds relationships with your readers. It also is one of the two most important investments you will ever make in your internet network marketing opportunity.

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