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What Should I Look For In My 5linx Training?

by Kurt Henninger on

What To Look For In Your 5linx Training

What To Look For In Your 5linx Training

It is a very next natural extension for someone new to the business to look for what is the best 5linx training that is out there to help them grow their business.

Far too often, the only 5linx  training that is out there are simple statements from your upline telling you just to talk to more people because everybody needs this, go hang out at the coffee shop some more, or go make your list of 100 friends and family and start dialing.

However, at the core of your 5linx training you really need to look for three fundamental things that actually will grow your business and train you to do so.

The first thing to look for is that it teaches you how to generate leads through a very leveraged manner. We are not talking about going to the mall and talking to everybody within 3 feet of you, but real training to create leads with the least amount of effort. In particular the Internet gives you an unmatched ability to generate very targeted leads at the push of a button and is a must to learn today.

Next, your 5linx training must include something about how to build relationships with people outside of your warm market. Let’s face it you are only getting get so far if anywhere with talking to your friends and family. Pretty soon you will run out of those and you will need to rely on building relationships with new people and getting your offer in front of them if they are interested.

Finally, and most importantly any kind of 5linx business training you are looking at needs to pay particular attention to how to actually generate sales in recruit people into your downline. Again, we are not talking about referring people to pay company replicated website, or a dull and boring conference call from your up line. What you really need to know is once you have connected with people, and they’ve indicated that they are interested in what you have to offer, having crossed the finish line and get them as a customer or business partner.

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