ACN Review

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The ACN Review: Your MLM Opportunity in the

Telecommunication Industry

Ranked among the top 20 companies by the Direct Selling Association of USA, ACN, or American Communications Network, has built a reputation for itself as being one of the most trusted and reliable multi-level marketing companies today and poses as a great choice for many people who plans of having their own small home based business. Worldwide, its ranked 21st among all other direct selling companies considered in the top 100 list. With credentials like this, it’s no wonder ACN lands consistently in the short list of those looking for MLM opportunities where they can invest and hopefully build a profitable endeavor.

ACN Review

ACN Review

Opening shop in 1993 by Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and twins Tony and Mike Cupisz, armed with a handful of independent distributors, ACN wireless showed great signs for the coming future as it was able to generate revenues amounting to two million dollars. In 5 years, this grew by epic proportions as they nearly reached revenues of a hundred million dollars. Known for their products and services in the field of telecommunication, as well as in television and energy, plus a host of others, ACN drew its sights to the global market initially starting with Europe in 1999. Today, they have a presence in 24 countries and a multitude of individual distributors finding a steady and lucrative business opportunity with ACN.

The great appeal about ACN is the products and services that they offer. They are basically considered today as common home and office needs that are essentially used in all aspects of our life. Telecommunications is important whether used for operating a business, or simply connecting to a loved one. And with technology and developments growing in leaps and bounds each day, companies like ACN provide these to the people giving the utmost convenience making life a bit easier for us. As an independent distributor, this is something which can be offered easily. Some of the products ad services that ACN offers fall under several categories, like local long distance plans, digital phone services, bundled internet connections, WIMAX, wireless technology, satellite TV, mobile applications, computer support, home security and automation, and in energy.

With the industry that ACN is involved in commanding revenues that reach the trillion dollar mark, it’s plain to see that the demand for products and services is thriving. From the onset, the four founders knew that adapting the MLM business framework would not only help propel their business, but also provide the opportunity for other people to build their own profitable businesses and have the potential to earn a sizeable income. And many have had from all over the globe.

The ACN network is said to offer one of the more generous compensation plans being offered today. But like most MLM opportunities, the amount of money that you earn will depend solely on the amount of work, time, and all other investments that you pour in. But with ACN, there is a much larger potential and an easier product to sell.

As an ACN independent distributor, there are generally two ways that you can earn profit, first is by selling the products and services that the company offers and receive commissions, including the possibility of a residual income for as long as the client subscribes to the service where you will get commissions from the monthly payments that they make, and through bonuses from recruiting other people to become independent distributors as well. The more people you get to join your organization, the more bonuses you can expect to receive.

What is perhaps the most appealing is the residual income opportunity. Not a lot of legitimate MLM companies in the same scale as ACN truly provides the opportunity to receive continuous payouts from a sale that they made. Now, if you have made quite a number of sales, then you can expect to have a huge check in your mail regularly waiting for you.  And as ACN continuous to develop their products and provide high quality training programs and marketing tools to their distributors, a person can expect to have a high degree of success joining the ACN network and find other people to share this experience with.

Is There an ACN Wireless Scam?

Not at all, this really is a legitimate, long standing company in the home business industry with an exceptional product line.

With all of that said, one thing the many business builders in this mlm business fail to realize is that they need to understand basic marketing in order to reach people who are looking for this product and all of its benefits.  The internet is hands down the best place to reach those people, especially on search engines.

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