Advocare Review

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A Closer Look at the AdvoCare Company and its MLM


The company’s name AdvoCare takes its roots from two words, Advocate and Care, signifying their dedication to their promotion of achieving one’s full potential to personal health care and also to attaining a high level of financial freedom to achieve overall balance in their life. AdvoCare is a health and wellness company that has a two prong vision aimed at providing break through products and a business opportunity that has great potentials to bringing a highly rewarding future.

Advocare Review


Advocare Review

Advocare Review

Founded by Charles Ragus in 1993, a former Herbalife distributor, AdvoCare is a multimillion dollar multi-level marketing company, posting revenues in 2009 that reached almost a hundred million dollars, that offers products for weight loss, nutrition, and skin care. Based in Texas, AdvoCare takes on a sports-based image with their company slogan “We Build Champions,” the endorsement of countless professional players from different professional sports leagues, Olympic caliber athletes, and many professional coaches.

AdvoCare currently operates in the US market with a network consisting of around 50,000 independent distributors. A member of the prestigious Direct Selling Association, AdvoCare has earned a positive reputation as a multi-level marketing company compounded even further by its participation in the DSA Code of Ethics Communication Initiative in 2010, a conscious effort by MLM companies to increase awareness in the code of ethics that each direct selling company should adhere to.


Advocare Products

AdvoCare’s lineup of products benefit from the guidance and experience of their Scientific and Medical Advisory Board composed of highly recognized names in various fields in science and health. The company has invested greatly to developing safe and effective products by using only the safest and highest quality ingredients, utilizing innovative delivery for better absorption, and making constant developments for improved nutrition balance and getting the desired results. Regular testing is made on all AdvoCare products to ensure that they do not contain banned substances; especially those set by sport leagues, and are given certifications to show their adherence to these high standards.

These AdvoCare products are divided into five main categories. First is the Trim line, which consists of weight management products; second is the Active line, composed of shakes, bars, and capsules for energy boosting; third is the Well line, their nutrition product lineup that offers various products for helping promote healthy sleep, detoxifying the body for a total cleanse, accelerate cellular and muscle repair, boost the cardiovascular system’s health, stress relief, bone and joint health support, mental focus and alertness, and many others; Fourth is the Performance Elite line, a collection of advanced nutrition products for athletes and those that undergo regular rigorous physical activities; and fifth is the Definite Difference line, a collection of skin care products that shows definite differences the results that are achieved.

Advocare Compensation Plan

As mentioned above, this high level of dedication is not just geared towards the products that the company makes, but also on developing and implementing a business structure and operations which will highly benefit their independent sales force. And it’s not just about giving their sales representatives a proven vehicle for success with a lucrative compensation plan; it’s also about enriching their overall financial situation. AdvoCare offers their members the opportunity to overhaul their finances and restructure their future through their DebtBuster System; a free service that helps members rid their lives of debts by teaching them how to manage their finances, and use their new income to strategically improve their financial state. The DebtBuster system gained recognition for the company when it was awarded by the DSA its Education for Life Award. Another DSA recognized and awarded program by AdvoCare is their AdvoBus system, an innovative approach to direct selling which helped provide their network members the business tool to effectively increase their sales and profits.

The AdvoCare compensation plan offers five different ways to earn income. First is through retail profits where you can earn as much as 40% for every product you sell, second is through wholesale commission where you can earn as much as 20% for the sales of the distributors you sponsored, third is through overrides for your organization’s volume, fourth is through Leadership Bonuses, which can earn you anywhere from 3 to 19 percent when your organization qualifies for certain incentives, and fifth through various other incentives and bonuses like trips and gifts.

Is There An Advocare Scam?


Hardly, rather they are a stalwart of the MLM community and direct selling business.  It’s hard to find a more solid network marketing business out there today.

However, with all of that said, ultimately, success in this, or any other business ultimately is not about the company or sensational product line, but rather how you are able to successfully market either one.  Your ability to reach out and get in front of those who are specifically looking for what you have to offer.

That, and combine that with leveraging the internet to get out in front of those people almost at the click of a button will really bring your business to the next level.

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advocare 24 day May 8, 2012 at 5:10 am

Furthermore, the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge is only to assist you in losing weight; however, it is still you who will make a decision and effort to obtain that perfect body. Moreover, AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge is a World Class Nutrition Company that is life-changing. It helps people look better, feel better, have extra energy, and lose weight and not a magic pill that could grant you a perfect body overnight. Therefore, keep in mind that hard work will still be the key factor to make that dream of having a fit body comes into reality.

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