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Ambit Energy Grew 65% In 2011

by Kurt on

Ambit Energy 2011

ambit eneryg 2011A national retail energy provider called Ambit Energy, announced today that their company ended 2011 with an increase of 250,000 customers for the year. They now have over 700,000 customers.


“We are extremely fortunate to have so many new people discover and appreciate the value of Ambit Energy,” said Ambit Energy CEO and co-founder, JereThompson Junior. “Thanks to our enthusiastic Independent Consultants, the customer base of Ambit Energy grew over 65 percent this year.”

After reaching a customer base of 500,000 in the first quarter of the year 2011, the company announced in August that it surpassed 600,000 customers. Contributing to the growth of Ambit Energy was the completion of a 32 market expansion, including 24 small commercial markets and eight residential markets. The Texas ERCOT market’s continued growth also significantly contributes to the growth of the company.

“Our incredible Consultants are creating the most out of our new markets. New markets means more new exciting opportunities,” said co-founder and CMO, Chris Chambless. “With their incredible efforts, we are on the path to reach our aim of one billion dollars annual revenue and one million customers.”

Ambit Energy buys wholesale power and resells it to retail customers. The company’s team of more than 150,000 Consultants help the company grow at a rapid pace.

What I find even more amazing here is that the company continues to grow, despite a sluggish economy.  A growth of 250,000 customers shows that the value in this company really relies on this product, and there are people who are really looking for a bargain.

This, combined with what is outside the norm for a traditional MLM Business makes this an even more exciting revelation.

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