Ambit Energy Review

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One of the more interesting MLM opportunities around right now is known as Ambit Energy, as they are in both a competitive market and provide a really unique product line for their distributors.  This Ambit Energy review will focus on three things, the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

So what about the Ambit Energy Company?


First, lets look into what the company is all about.  The company was formed in late 2006 by Jere Thompson and Chris Chambliss when they met to discuss energy deregulation in Texas.  From those humble beginnings, they went on to post $200 million dollars 2008, and $325 million in revenues in 2009, no small feat for such a new MLM business.

ambit energy review

Can you really make money with Ambit Energy?

Let’s dig into what their actual product is now.  Essentially what Ambit offers is electricity and natural gas at wholesale cost to its customers.  This is made available through energy de-regulation in this country, which allows customers to choose they get their power from.

This in an extremely unusual product in the MLM industry, but does have its advantages.  For instance, people will need electricity every month they are a member, thereby foregoing alot of the struggles getting repeat orders from customers.  This could really be a value added for customers looking to reduce higher and higher monthly electric bills or gas bills.


What about the Ambit Energy Compensation Plan?

Now that we see they have a good, solid product, lets dig into the comp plan for the company.  Interestingly, you will essentially be competing with energy companies in the States of New York, Texas, Illinois, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  You don’t need to reside in those states, but your customers must.

For a one time fee of $399, you qualify to become a distributor for their company.  While they seem to have what I would refer to as a typical network marketing comp plan, the payout does indeed fluctuate as your customers or downline varies their energy usage.  Again the advantage here is that the income is truly residual, as long as your customers choose to receive their energy from Ambit.

They do offer fast start bonuses if you enroll 4 consultants in 4 weeks, and 10 in 8 weeks of $100 per consultant.

One thing they talk about is the concept of getting free energy for referring people.  For example, if you refer 15 people, you get a credit of their average monthly electric bill.


So is there an Ambit Energy Scam?


Hardly, this looks like a good, solid company with good leadership in a very opportunistic niche.  This, coupled with a residual payout that keeps going does indeed make this an attractive MLM.  Energy deregulation indeed offers a good opportunity here.

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