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AmbitCast 2012

Top energy retailer Ambit Energy made significant announcements during the company’s yearly simulcast event. The AmbitCast2012 this weekend featured the provider’s future plans for massive expansion in the natural gas and electric power sectors into new territories. These include Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania – areas currently served by others industry players such as Washington Gas, Elizabethtown Gas, Columbia Gas, and Equitable Gas. The main targets of this project are homeowners and small businesses.

This successful event brought together thousands of independent consultants who were quite pleased with the news. Among the highlights of AmbitCast2012 was the talk given by Darren Hardy, the man behind SUCCESS Magazine.

Ambit CEO Jere Thompson, Jr. took the floor and reiterated the company’s aim of becoming the best retail energy company across the US. He spoke of the promising year ahead and recognized the important role that consultants play in this endeavor.

Chris Chambless, Ambit co-founder, professed his excitement about the company strategy. He stated that Ambit Energy is looking to increase its customer base to a million in 2012 with earnings up to a billion dollars. The plans are meant to aid in achieving these targets while providing more opportunities for personal success to the company’s 150,000 consultants.

What makes this announcement particularly important is the fact that it is already coupled with strong growth from last year made this particular AmbitCast even more exciting.

Check out the excerpt from the video below on the excited crowd:

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