Ameriplan Review

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Review of AmeriPlan – Examining this Unique Discount Plan Program

Numbers don’t lie, and although the figures may not be highly accurate, statistics on US healthcare in the recent years show very unsettling facts, like; in 2010 49.9 million Americans didn’t have health insurance, the year before it was 49 million. Twenty five million did have insurance but were underinsured; this figure reflects a sixty percent increase over the last four years. Medical and dental problems are certain elements of our existence, and its rising costs is what prompted the creation of discount health care programs like AmeriPlan.

AmeriPlan Review

AmeriPlan Review

Ameriplan Review


Established in 1992 by twin brothers Daniel and Dennis Bloom, AmeriPlan is a discount medical plan company that offers a viable and cost efficient alternative to health insurance. Not to be mistaken for one, AmeriPlan offers discount membership plans for the growing number of people who can’t afford the costly premiums of health insurance. Basically, as a member of AmeriPlan, you get discount benefits from the professional fees of health care providers that belong to their network. You will still pay for the medical services rendered to you but as a member of AmeriPlan you can avail of large discounts.

Ameriplan Products


The AmeriPlan discount health care program includes many different health care categories where their members can avail the services, these includes chiropractic care, dental care, medical care, prescription drugs, and eye care. What’s more, even if you are currently undergoing a medical or dental problem or procedure, you can start anytime in becoming a member of their program and avail of the huge savings that you can make.

Calling themselves as the “largest discounted fee-for-services program of its type in the country,” AmeriPlan backs this claim with their network of more than 160,000 service provider members that includes retail pharmacies, medical care providers, dental care providers, optical providers, chiropractic providers, and hearing care providers. Their 20 years in the industry has collected a 1.2 million large customer base and annual revenues that surpassed the fifty million dollar range.

AmeriPlan offers five different discount healthcare plans that start with the low price of $14.95 for their basic plan and as much as $150 for their high end package. The entry level AmeriPlan product plan is called the Dental Plus Program, the basic fee covers the plan designed for an individual while adding $5 dollars offers expanded discount coverage for the whole family. In this plan, an enrolled member has the chance to avail discounts starting from 15% to as much as 80% for chiropractic, dental, prescription, and vision related services from the company’s affiliate service providers.

A level higher is the AmeriPlan Healthcare plan, which adds to the basic plan medical services that includes primary health services, physical therapy, laboratory procedures, and lots more. This plan also gives further benefits through a patient advocacy service allowing patients that racks a hospital bill more than $2,500 to negotiate their charges.

Taking a step up is the Platinum Plus Plan, which is basically the Dental Plus Plan enhanced with the addition of discount programs for other industries like the automotive, dining, recreation, and shopping industries. Combining this plan with the AmeriPlan Healthcare plan gives the fourth package called the Total Platinum Plan. At the top of the heap is the Platinum Freedom Pass which bolsters the previous lower plan with numerous value laden discounts and coupons for a wide selection of common purchases people regularly incur. Making the plan even more value laden is the benefit of having the access to contact through phone or email a physician any time of the day.

AmeriPlan Compensation Plan


The compensation plan of AmeriPlan offers two channels in generating income, first is through selling membership to the different plans offered by AmeriPlan’s. Like retail selling, you get commission for every membership plan that you successfully sell. Second is through creating a downline where members of organization can give you residual income through the sales that they have been able to generate. Your override percentages increase as your level in the network advances. The higher levels you reach in the networks hierarchy of independent distributors, the more incentives, bonuses, and commissions are qualified for you. AmeriPlan’s compensation plan has an edge in their instant payouts which offers faster receipt of commission.

Is there An Ameriplan Scam?


No, Ameriplan a good, well established company in the direct selling industry.

However, don’t be fooled by the fact that it looks this solid.  Your success marketing it or the plan is completely up to you.  The number one thing you can do for yourself is learn how to market, specifically direct response marketing.

Marketing too those actively seeking for what you are offering in this MLM Business is your ticket to success.  Combine that with the leverage created by the millions of people you can access from the internet and you can literally write your own ticket if you work smart and dilligently.

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