Amsoil Review

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Review of AMSOIL – A Well Known and Established MLM Opportunity


While other companies pride themselves in being industry leaders and frontrunners, not many can make further claims as the industry founder. This unique distinction is reserved for a select few and AMSOIL is one of those rare companies. Renowned for being the first to manufacture and sell synthetic motor oil for automotive applications, AMSOIL developed a lubricant that broadened the performance capabilities of automotive engines. With this breakthrough, and other further product developments, AMSOIL became a byword in the automotive industry and its brand became synonymous to high quality.


Amsoil Review


AMSOIL was born in Superior, Wisconsin in 1972 after its founder, Al Amatuzio, a Lieutenant in the US Air Force and a jet fighter squadron commander, developed the company’s flagship product, the AMSOIL 10W-40. Although synthetic lubricants were already being used, this was exclusive for jet engines then. Inspired by the way synthetic oils reduced friction, minimized wearing of the engine’s components, allowed superb performance at high temperatures, and prolonged the durability of the machines, Lt. Amatuzio set out to research and study synthetic lubricants and apply it for automotive use. His hard work resulted to the creation of the very first synthetic motor oil that passed the rigid requirements set by the American Petroleum Institute, and spurred a history of many firsts which set the benchmark of quality the automotive industry follows today.

Amsoil Review

Amsoil Review

Early on, AMSOIL marketed and sold their products using a multi-level marketing business structure and still applies the system today. Operating globally, AMSOIL currently maintains fourteen regional distribution centers where products from their manufacturing plant in Superior, Wisconsin are kept for storage until they are sold by their network.


Amsoil Products


With four decades passing since the company introduced their prized synthetic oil, AMSOIL has largely expanded their product lineup which now consists of a varied section of lubricants formulated for optimal use on different types of engines including high performance and special engines used in extreme conditions.  The company also offers high grade synthetic lubricants for various gear applications such as gear lubricants, compressor oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic oil. Aside from lubricants, they also formulates and markets performance enhancing fuel additives, filters, and other products that boosts the performance of their lubricants and the machines they are applied to. AMSOIL also offers maintenance products such as antifreeze, cleaners and protectants, as products for making your vehicle look amazing.


Amsoil Compensation Plan

As an income generating opportunity, AMSOIL offers a multitude of channels where a person can produce profit with the company. For those looking for a business opportunity, the company’s MLM network will provide you the chance to become one of their independent dealers. It’s very easy and cost efficient to be a part of the AMSOIL network, for as little as fifty dollars and without any stringent and elaborate requirements you can become a dealer by simply contacting a local dealer in your area. Their compensation plan for their dealers is based on a stairstep and breakaway combination structure. As in most traditional MLM systems, your personal sales volume is what gives you instant profits. Buying through wholesale prices, you earn income through selling at a higher retail price. Other commissions, bonuses, and incentives are given depending on the level that a dealer has qualified for based on the number of recruits made and the volume of sales that the team has made.

As an AMSOIL dealer, you not only get the potential to earn huge income and the chance to build residual profits through exclusive discounts and incentives, but you also get an effective and efficient support system to help you build, grow, and propel your business to success. AMSOIL offers support materials like brochures, video and audio recordings, meetings, and technical services for their dealers.

If you don’t want to become a dealer but you want to make or save money with AMSOIL you can get discounts and sell the products by opening a retail on-the-shelf account if you have a retail store. You can also enroll in their Preferred Customer Program which can give you wholesale purchase discounts. For businesses and companies that have large fleets, you can save money by opening up a commercial account.


Is There An Amsoil Scam?


Hardly, this is a well established MLM Business, with a long track record of success.  One of the more stable companies out there right now.

However, if you depend completely on the company and hyping up the products and business opportunity, more than likely you will fall short.

What really matters is the  marketing that follows up the business.  Direct response marketing targetting their needs, wants and desires is what matter.  Combine that with the reach of the internet and its abilities to get in front of millions of potential customers at once.

If you’d like to learn more about direct response marketing and online lead generation, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address right now to get access to 7 free days of cutting edge internet mlm training.


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