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Artistry Skin Care Products Launches New Anti-Wrinkle Serum

by Kurt on

amway artistry skin care productsRecently, Amway has made yet another stride in one of their signature product lines, the artistry skin care product line, when they recently licensed an anti-aging wrinkle technology from the University Of Michigan.

Specifically, the product targets some very common side effects of retinol treatments.

As reported on their site:

“We saw that retinol, while efficacious in rebuilding the skin’s collagen matrix, also caused discomfort that was preventing many women from gaining its benefits,” said Gary Fisher, Ph.D., Harry Helfman Professor of Molecular Dermatology, University of Michigan. “After years of investigating retinol’s mechanism of action, we discovered a completely innovative way to direct the skin’s responses to retinol, so it can be more effective in improving the appearance of wrinkles while minimizing side effects.”

One of the great benefits is that this can help people take advantage of retinol treatments, which have been known to be beneficial for aging skin, but as they reported on their website, over 90% of people suffer from harsh side effects of this.

Anytime a leading MLM company like Amway can partner with a prestigious University such as the University of Michigan to bring cutting edge products to the marketplace is a good thing for the industry.

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