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The Ardyss International Review: Is it Truly a Life Changing

MLM Opportunity?

That is what Ardyss International claims in their mission statement, “An appointment with Ardyss will change your life!” The founders of Ardyss International, the Diaz de Leon family, gave the company a business structure that was designed to provide others the opportunity to find success in their own businesses. They wanted each and every distributor to feel that they were a part of a bigger family and as the company goes international, they want everyone to share and enjoy the fruits of their success.

Ardyss International found its humble beginnings as a manufacturing company in Mexico that had new ideas for corsetry design. With only 8 sewing machines and 550 yards of materials to work with, the family put their ideas to work and sold their products through establishing a direct selling platform. Spurred on by the popularity of their flagship products then, garments designed to shape the body making it look more sexy, propelled the company to new heights allowing them to increase their revenues, offer more compensation to their distributors and find more distributors willing to partner with them.

With the high levels of success that Ardyss International found in markets outside of Mexico, like the Dominican Republic, Peru, Culombia, Canada, and the United States, the company decided to move their corporate headquarters stateside in 2007 choosing Las Vegas as the hub of their growing company.  With the move, the company also decided to change from the direct sales model and use the multi-level marketing model instead. With this change, Ardyss International hopes that more people will be able to get hold of the opportunity they are offering which has the great potential to build wealth for a person. With products that have found great interest in the present market, this is a very viable scenario.

Ardyss Body Magic

ardyss international

ardyss international

First, the reshaping garments of Ardyss International remain as the top crowd drawer for the company. Since its first design, the product line has undergone many developments and improvements to make the product even better. Not only does it bring back the right curves to the body. For both men and women, but they are also beneficial to one’s health. Collaborating with some of the top experts in orthopedics and in garment engineering, the body magic offers upper and lower back support, correct the posture, and straighten the back. Available in a variety of colors, Body Magic is just one of the long list of body shaper products from Ardyss International where you can find other reshaping garments like the panty reshaper, maternity girdle, panty girdle, slim shaper, corselette deluxe, and much more.

Aside from their body shapers, Ardyss International has also expanded to other product categories that deal with health and wellness. Using the same dedication and high regard for quality, Ardyss International also offers top notch personal care products like  the stretch mark crème, firming bust crème, resurfacing toner, herbal gel, ageless serum, and the body wrap cellulite system to name a few. Ardyss International also offers targeted nutrition products to increase body health, energy rejuvenation, body cleansing, and immunity through meal replacement shakes, fiber supplements, omega 3,6, and 9 supplements, and a highly nutritional fruit juice combining the top antioxidant natural fruit ingredients known today called the Le’Vive Juice.

Ardyss’ dedication to providing superior products is spurred on largely by their desire to provide their distributors products that they can actually offer and sell to people. They know how difficult it is to be marketing products in a market that is saturated with competition and by offering a compensation plan that opens up many channels to earn an income; they will be providing motivation and the potential to building one’s wealth.

Ardyss International Compensation Plan


There are 10 ways where an independent distributor can earn money from the Ardyss International compensation plan. Primarily, earn as much as 40% through retail selling with your discount as a distributor. The other methods involve the number of recruits you are able to get into the network and the volume of sales that your team is able to make at a certain period of time. Each method sets their own qualifications and this sets goals for a person to reach to be able to qualify for them.

So no, there is no Ardyss Scam going on, contrary to rumors floating around on the internet.

However, it is extremely important that people today go beyond their sphere of warm market influence and learn to target customers who are actively looking for what they have to offer.

The internet right now offers hands down the best opportunity to go about doing this and getting your product or business in front of those who want exactly what you are offering.

If you’d like to learn how to leverage the internet to grow your ardyss MLM business, and generate dozens of leads each day all online, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address to get 7 free days of cutting edge online MLM training.

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