Asea Review

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The Review on Asea:  Fast Emerging Company Making Big Waves in the MLM Industry

Different people have varying opinions when it comes to the years that an MLM opportunity has existed in the market. Some fear new companies as they haven’t established a presence yet, they don’t have a loyal following, and there is no instant brand recognition. This makes it difficult to promote and sell their products making it more challenging to build a profitable business. To others though, a new company like Asea represents a huge potential as there is a huge market available that’s still available to both sell the product too and recruit as well. What’s important is that a new MLM company has the amazing qualities that can make it big with the consumer market.


Asea Review


asea review

asea review

Established in 2009, Asea is just approaching its 2nd year of doing business in the health and wellness industry but has already made a big splash with the innovations and breakthroughs they have introduced with their product. Furthermore, the company has very highly capable leadership with its founders, Verdis Norton and James Pack knowing the market full well to give it the right elements for succeeding. Both founders have vast experience in the business industry with Verdis Norton spending more than three decades as a specialist in marketing and other business aspects for Kraft an later on, sharing his expertise and knowledge with a biotech company. James Pack on the other hand brings as much to the table. Serving more than twenty years as an executive for various telecommunication firms and dabbling into real estate with one of the more successful development companies. This combined experience and knowledge gives Asea a very strong foundation and the capabilities to rise in the corporate world.


Asea Products


At the forefront of the company is their revolutionary product, a drink supplement that is also called Asea. The company claims that it has the capabilities of boosting our body’s natural abilities in maintaining our overall health, and also, it can slow down the natural aging process that we all go through. Based on a newly introduced concept that has been the result of more than fifteen years of research called Redox Signaling Molecules which our bodies produce naturally to keep our system in tiptop shape, the Asea liquid supplement ensures that its production is constantly maintained at appropriate levels to repair, replace, and protect our cells.

Because of the capabilities of the Asea liquid nutritional supplement, you can expect to have increased levels of energy, better immunity against diseases and illnesses, and have faster healing time if we suffer injuries. Many athletes have already professed to the efficiency of this product stating overall improvement in their physical capacity during and after a rigorous activity.


Asea Compensation Plan


Asea primarily markets their product to an MLM network system. To be a part of this network there are three levels that you can enroll with, first is the basic level, second is the Basic Plus level, and third is the Builder Express level. As an independent sales distributor of Asea you will earn money through the company’s binary compensation plan. Its structured similar to many other binary compensation plan of other MLm companies and here you have 7 ways to generate profits. First is through retail sales where you earn the fastest way by buying wholesale and selling for a margin; second is through their Preferred Customer bonus program where commissions are given when you get customers who avail of their autoship program; third is through the Fast Start bonus which sponsors receive commission for first purchases made by ne members, with the amount to be received dependent on the package bought; fourth is through team commissions made by calculating the total volume sales of the entire group; fifth is with a Director’s Bonus where a cash reward is given for someone who reaches the director level; sixth and seventh is through a check match and leadership pool program which set certain qualifications within an organization’s structure to be qachieved for a person to receive compensation from their downline. It’s important to note that as a binary structure, your weaker leg is where you will receive a 10% commission on the volume sales total so you need to be able to make lots of recruits and spur them on to do the same.


Is There An Asea Scam?


Not in the least.  This is a great looking company with a solid product and good looking compensation plan.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the company will build the business for you, or that the products will sell themselves.  There is much more to building an MLM Business than just “telling people about it”.  It involves getting what your offer is in front of people who are actively looking for the benefits of what you are offering.

Right now, the internet is the best place to find those customers or business partners, as it provides the widest and quickest reach to those particular people.

If you’d like to learn how to market your business or product online, and generate upwards of 30+ free leads per day using nothing but the internet, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address to get instant access to 7 free days of cutting edge internet mlm training.


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