Avon Review

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The Avon Review: An MLM Opportunity with More than a Century of History

Not many multi-level companies today can boast of having a history that’s built on a hundred and a quarter years of existence. Avon is a global brand that grabs instant recognition and its more than a century old operation can be seen as a double edged sword when it comes to being its independent distributor; you are selling a known brand that has an established following but you may also think that the market is already overflowing with Avon representatives making it rather difficult to break through the market just know.

Avon Review


Avon Review

Avon Review

Let’s first get to know the company. Founded by David H. McConnell in 1886, Avon started by selling perfumes, an idea that McConnell, a book salesman then, had when he noticed that women were more interested in the free perfume samples he was giving way rather than the books he was selling. To provide an easy access to his products, as well as offer women the opportunity to earn, McConnell established a marketing and sales structure that would later be more popularly known as the direct selling method.

With a great lineup of products and a revolutionary approach to selling and marketing, Avon, then known as the California Perfume Company, quickly grew to become a viable source of income for women, having developed an image as a company for women and has spread its operations overseas. Today, the same values and vision that sparked the company’s success has allowed it to establish a market in over a hundred countries and spawning a network consisting of more than 6.5 million independent sales representatives.

Avon Products


Avon has been posting annual revenues averaging amounts reaching almost 10 billion dollars with each year showing record figures. Thanks to their growing sales force and their ever expanding list of brands and product lines, the beauty, perfume, and toy company has consistently come up with innovative technologies that keep Avon a perennial industry leader. Keeping them at the forefront is there Global Research and Development Center in New York, seven satellite R and D facilities spread all over the world, and a team of highly trained and experienced scientists that has constantly come up with industry breakthroughs. With longer lasting mascara, light-adjusting makeup, effective anti-aging skincare product offerings, and low cost alternatives for otherwise costly beauty salon treatments, Avon has given women all over the world a credible reason to choose what the company is offering. Along with their independent Avon sales representatives, a customer can look for the latest Avon products through their catalogues which consist of several product categories such as color cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, personal care, hair care, and jewelry products.


Avon Compensations Plan


As an MLM opportunity Avon’s long history record has shown that it’s a highly profitable and easily marketable commercial endeavor. One obvious reason why many women, and a growing number of men, have chosen to become Avon sales representatives is the low one time investment cost of becoming a member of the network. You can generate an income not just from being a direct seller of Avon products but also by becoming part of the company’s Leadership Team which allows you to create an MLM network team of your own. In both setup, instant earnings can be generated through retail selling, buying Avon products at wholesale prices and selling them for profit. In your first four orders, your profits will be at fifty percent, subsequent orders will provide a twenty percent profit.

If you opt to build your own network, you have the chance to create residual income for yourself and open your business to more opportunities for bonuses and commissions. When you recruit and refer new members you can earn anywhere from three to seven percent off the sales generated by your team, the amount of bonuses and commissions you earn depends on the sales of volumes you make which can allow you to qualify for certain levels. Like most MLM opportunities, the amount of work you invest to your business will dictate the income you can earn from Avon, and with new high quality products constantly being offered, you always have something new to offer allowing you to generate sales more often.

Is There An Avon Scam?


Hardly, and this avon review laid out the facts behind this great business.  This company is one of the bedrocks of the direct selling and MLM business industries and has posted revenues in the billions for years and will do so for years to come.

However, those promoting the products or compensation plan do need to keep up with the times and get their offer in front of people where they are, and where they are searching for solutions to their problems, the internet.

Right now, literally millions of people are seeking solutions to what their problems are on places like search engines, social media sites, video sites, you name it.

If you’d like to learn how to get your offer in front of those people online, and generate upwards of 30+ free leads per day from the internet, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address to get 7 free days of cutting edge MLM training.


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