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One of the hottest MLM business opportunities out there right now, as you can see from the image below is Bellamora.  When I saw the image myself it prompted me to take a closer look at the company as well.  This bellamora review is here to give you the facts of what I found.


So What Is Bellamora All About?


Update:  Interestingly enough, Youngevity recently acquired the rights to both the distributor base, and product line of Bellamora.  This absolutely emphasizes the point that one needs to understand marketing and lead generation in order to be able to weather disruptive news like this.

bellamora international

Bellamora International

The company is based in Tampa, Florida and is primarily a skin care product company. It was founded by a gentleman named Dr. Bruce Miller who by chance came up with a treatment for sunburned lips.  Later, he formulated a burn cream and was forced to use it himself because of an accidental burning of his own body as a result of his spa plumbing exploding.  This formula later lead to a partnering with Johnson & Johnson in order to produce this line of skin care products.  The company itself went into pre-launch in January 2011.

What they make their name on is the skin care line, which includes: a clarifying cleanser, a purifying toner, collagen repair cream and exfoliator and a vitamin enriched moisturizer.


The Bellamora Compensation Plan


What they offer as a compensation plan is that there are several ways that a distrubutor can earn money.  The first of which is for enrolling what is known as a preferred customer, where you receive a stipend based upon them being enrolled in auto-ship.  They also offer a “free product” feature where if you refer three people in any given month that are on auto-ship, then you get your product for that particular month free.  Finally is the fast start bonus, which ranges from a $50 to a $250 commission based at which level the customer you sponsor comes in.


So Is There A Bellamora Scam?


No, not at all, and it looked like it has the beginnings of a great MLM business with a very high quality product line.

However, I do need to say that, as indicated by the purchase of their product line, one really needs to learn how to tap into some key marketing principles and get in front of those people looking for premium skincare solutions.

When you look at it, right now the internet provides an enormous opportunity to get in front of those customers literally at the click of a couple buttons.

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