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Boresha Coffee Review – Does Coffee And Network Marketing Work Together?

by Kurt Henninger on

Complete Boresha Coffee Review

Complete Boresha Coffee Review

One of the newer home business opportunities out there right know is Boresha Coffee.  There has been quite a bit of interest on the internet about it, but is all of that justified, or is this just another glorified network marketing scam?

First, as the name implies, Boresha Coffee, as indicated on their website, , likes to think of themselves as being on the forefront of two major trends, both that of coffee drinking, which now serves over one billion cups a day, and that of what they refer to as “cooperative marketing” which is essentially network marketing, a 110 billion dollar annual business.

Boresha Coffee even touts that they have a “system” designed to get you through the learning curve of business ownership and to help them achieve whatever level of income they desire.  This does sound appealing, but their site really lacks details on the “how” that they are going to be able to do that as a company.

The actual coffee from Boresha is Arabica coffee, one of the oldest blends in existence.  In particular, they only sell naturally grown products, without fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides.

The Boresha Coffee compensation plan, as described on their website seems to be based completely on building residual income, both through your own sales and through that of other business associates that you bring into the organization.  While this seems fairly lucrative, I’ll admit, their website really lacked any concrete details about their company payout plan for its distributors.

One very unusual aspect of the company is that they give a portion of their proceeds to help impoverished children affected by war throughout the world, a very noble cause, and something that a person can definitely buy into.

So, is Boresha Coffee review rate the company as scam?  Not in the least.  It looks like a solid company in a great and ever expanding product market.

But, as with any business, word of mouth alone will not make you a success.  Sure you might be able to recruit a few business partners, or get some of your friends to purchase coffee from you, but your long term success lies in your ability to scale your business and market beyond your warm market.

The internet right now provides an awesome opportunity to tap into people who are looking exactly for what you have to offer, whether it is the business, or just to buy your boresha coffee.  Once you learn how to market on it, and leverage it, you will come in contact literally with an endless supply of targeted prospects.

If you’d like to learn real marketing skills, and how to grow your boresha coffee business on the internet, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address to get access to 7 free days of cutting edge MLM training to help you grow your business and get up to 30 free leads per day.

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b skinny coffee September 23, 2011 at 12:52 pm

I am a distributor for boresha and I can tell you first hand it’s awesome. As for the retail aspect of it (selling the coffee and tea to individuals) pays for my order of the product each month. When I ask people who drink coffee, does your coffee burn fat? And they say no but would love to try one that does – well then, I do have something for you to try.
I love it. Your team is the entire company. The person at the tops helps the person just starting. Really an excellent company.
Thanks also for your tips as well! Always a good resource on finding new leads!

Kurt September 24, 2011 at 12:23 am

Very cool Laura,

Awesome to see someone successful in that company.


Marcus Russell December 5, 2011 at 12:27 am

This Company is a complete Scam…….They did not tell me I had to spend $1000 a year in products just to keep my account active….And if your account is not active you do not get paid for the distributors that you sign up or you do not get paid your commission on customers that order from your site……I had several of my friends and colleagues on the products…..One of them was drinking Boresha’s supposed fat-burning coffee for two months religiously and did not lose one pound…..The products are garbage………….It is kind of hard to sell products that claim they will help you lose weight if they do not work…..On top of that they are very expensive so you get your people to spend hundreds of dollars and then the products do not work……….I would not suggest these products to anyone unless you want to lose friends and colleagues……

Monica December 13, 2011 at 12:01 pm

Marcus I believe you did not pay attention or read your manual on the Boresha products or anything before you put a nasty comment up read through your manual carefully.

Peter M February 17, 2012 at 5:10 pm

@Monica: I am w/ Marcus completely. These product DO NOT work and that so-called Dr. Allen is a complete fraud. She’s never done anything . To say that “she” does not want her so called studies published is complete garbage. Clinical trials DO NOT reveal formula. Randomized trials go like this: 1 group takes the product, 1 group takes the product + something else. 1 group takes a placebo. Publish the results and there you have it. Please don’t tell me to read the “manual” I k now them in and out

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