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Buzzirk Mobile Business Review – What Is Really Going On With This MLM Company

by Kurt Henninger on

Buzzirk Mobile

Buzzirk Mobile

If you take a look around the network marketing landscape, there is a huge amount of buzz right now about buzzirk mobile on the net.  The new MLM business seems to be the “next can’t miss” multilevel marketing opportunity.  However, is there really any meat behind all the buzz?

If you take a step back away from the hype, buzzirk mobile at its core is a cell phone service carrier, supported and backed by United Technologies.  What they do is administer wireless VOIP service in between customers on its own network.  It also has a very minimal-cost comms switchover with a regular telephone and different wireless provider services.

In addition, still another item of interest with buzzirk is that in July of 2009, it was supposed to announce that it is launching an unlimited voice, text, and data plan for one low fee, this being one of the very select of its kind in the business.

Its products and product series look like they include very cutting edge technology, with the buzzirk G5 cell phone as their top of the line in cell phone technology.

Thus, to summarize, buzzirk does indeed appear a great up and moving cell phone and wireless service provider.

However, lets take a step back and look at the buzzirk mobile business plan.  The part where you actually make money with it.  The business actually sells its product with a marketing and sales branch called Global Verge.

In fact, it indeed does have a long term, residual money making part of the opportunity to it, where you can get monthly commissions for each individual paying customer.  In addition, it features a 3×9 forced matrix, which allows its business representatives to earn 3 wide and 9 people deep in their organization.  Another item of note is that buzzirk mobile has a 50 percent matching bonus for every single person you individually recruit. Their distributors have a website available for them to use at

In summary, by everything I’ve seen, buzzirk seems to be a very legit business, with brand new cell phone technology they are bringing to the market.

But, as with all home businesses, the real trial for buzzirk mobile with be the marketing of it.  Are they going to be able to effectively market the products and business?  This is really the true indicator of a businesses success, no matter what new technology or opportunity plan it offers.

If you’re a buzzirk mobile business representative, I very much recommend you educate yourself on how to effectively sell and market the business or products to be truly successful.  Things like PPC advertising, ezine advertising, or video marketing is what will help you create prospects, leads, and downlines.

If you truly want to really learn how to grow your buzzirk business, and get access to 7 free days of cutting edge MLM training to help you get tons of leads for free, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address.

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