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Buzzirk Mobile Scam Were People Really Being Taken?

by Kurt Henninger on

Did Buzzirk Mobile Take You To The Cleaners?

Did Buzzirk Mobile Take You To The Cleaners?

Since it’s launch this past summer, all of the initial buzz has died down for Buzzirk Mobile, and now its down to regular business for the company and MLM opportunity.  So what is the assessment about it all now, was it all hype, or was this a legitimate opportunity?  What lessons can be learned from this?

It has been a while since I posted my original Buzzirk Mobile review, and let me say that things have changed a lot since that writing.

To begin with, if you didn’t notice, there was just a huge amount of buzz surrounding the launch of a new network marketing company.  If you had your head in the sand this summer and didn’t see what was going on, there were literally thousands of buzzirk business builders all over the place, social media, email’s, and forums going on and on about how great an opportunity this was and “can’t miss” it is.

However, shortly after their supposed launch, there were many problems that surfaced with the buzzirk mobile business. First, it was problems from the company delivering the cell phones it promised, both to its customers, but even its distributors in a timely fashion.

That, coupled with the fact that people were being charged for a service without even seeing any kind of product out there yet.

Finally, in August 2009, it was announced that zero1 communications severed ties with the network marketing part of buzzirk mobile, which was the actual cell phone technology provider for the enterprise, effectively putting an end to the business opportunity all together.

Right now, even their website is down, supposedly being re-fabricated.

So, what kind of lessons can we learn from the whole debacle?

The first thing that everyone should take away from this is that you really can’t build a true long term business on hype and false claims.  While the technology with the G5 cell phone did look promising, Way too many people were singing the praises of it without ever having even tried it out.

What is far more important to your long term success in YOUR home business is instead of relying on trying to win your proverbial lottery ticket with a company in pre-launch, you really need to focus on how you market your own business in the long term.

Are you looking to connect with others who are truly looking for the benefits of what you have to offer?  Or are you just spamming the heck out of others about a supposed “can’t miss opportunity” like many did with buzzirk mobile?

Your ability to learn basic marketing skills is the central thing that will determine whether you achieve financial freedom in this industry, not hype.  Learning how to generate leads, particularly today on the internet, and putting you forward first, and establishing the relationship with you and your potential customer or business partner first is most important.  This is what will give you long term stability and growth in your business.

If you’re a former buzzirk mobile rep, and want to truly learn how to build your own business first and position yourself for long term growth and learn how to market yourself online, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address right now to get instant access to 7 free days of cutting edge MLM training to help you build your business and get 30+ free leads per day.

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