Creative Memories Review

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Creative Memories Review

There are so many MLM or multilevel marketing groups and companies available today and it can be quite confusing and challenging for new potential affiliates to decide which one will be best for them. You need to learn more about the company, the products and the business opportunity first. Try to find products and groups that personally interest you. You might come across Creative Memories. Learn more about the approach and the people behind it then decide for yourself it is the right group to be a part of.

creative memories review

creative memories review

Creative Memories Review

Creative Memories was created in 1987 and now boasts of being in the business for over two decades and with more than 40,000 individuals working in more than 8 countries worldwide. The company is part of the Better Business Bureau and the Direct Selling Association. Some of the known products in their line include scrapbooking materials, online scrapbooking materials, photo albums and photo organizers. The founders of Creative Memories are Cherly Lightle and Rhonda Anderson. Lightle started out as a businesswoman while Rhonda was a homemaker when they launched the company. Some of the other countries where their products and affiliates are available include Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Austria and Puerto Rico. Being in the business for a long time, as well as having thousands of consultants all across the globe are good signs that this is a credible and legitimate business to join.

Creative Memories Products

Individuals who are creative and artistic will definitely enjoy Creative Memories, which features scrapbooking items, photo arrangers and other materials that will help store and restore memories. The company handles photo safes, with excellent quality products that are not readily available in other places. People who have photos can ensure that these will be kept safe and maintain its good quality for the next generation. Customers buy scrapbooks from Creative Memories, which will protect and boost the life of available photos, no matter the condition and age. The photos become acid-free, resistant to fading and of high quality. Becoming a consultant for the company will allow you to avail and retail photo safes, accessories, scrapbooking items and photo albums.

Another good thing to expect from the products is that these come with a lifetime guarantee. Creative Memories will replace any item quickly that is found to have problems and defects. Should customers have any concerns or problems with a product they acquired, it will be immediately substituted with another of the same type and kind. Digital scrapbooks are one of the most popular products available. Customers can personalize the scrapbooks so that they can enjoy photos, artwork and other content. The digital scrapbooks and other products from the line are not readily available in other places, except for the company consultants.

Creative Memories Business

A host will prepare a party complete with guests and will invite the consultant to lead an exciting and fun training activity that is both interactive and productive. The session will introduce the various Creative Memories products and can book and write down orders from guests when they see the different available items. In most cases, consultants get invites to more parties and sessions after the previous one. Willing associates need to have leadership skills, knowledge of the product and good communication skills.


Compensation Plan

Joining Creative Memories allow you to earn money in two ways. First is by selling the scrapbooks, scrapbooking materials and accessories at a profit. As an affiliate, you can purchase the products at distributor or wholesale prices. You can then increase the retail price to your potential customers. Selling is relatively easy because the products are not available in other establishments. You can also earn money whenever you sponsor another person to join the network.

As with most MLM Companies, Creative Memories values the growth of its network well so bringing in more people to help and create the experience will lead to rewards and incentives in your part. Startup cost to join the network is only $50. You will be provided with training materials and the initial kit and package to start your marketing campaign. You will also have ready access to the site where you can get more tips on selling and marketing and get to know some of the experts in the field.

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