Cutco Review

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The Cutco Corp Review – A Proudly American Company

Established in 1949, Cutco is a company that has a history going way back than the official sixty odd years it has been in operation. Cutco is known throughout America for their knives and their products’ craftsmanship is a testament of the excellent skills of the original skilled cutlers that settled in Olean, New York in the 1800s after migrating from England, where they have been a part of the renowned Sheffield cutlery industry. Formerly named as the Alcas Corporation, Cutco changed management when it was purchased by former managers in 1982 and with the acquisition of Vector Marketing Corp in 1985, went full blast as a direct selling company.

Cutco Review

Cutco Review

Cutco Review

From the onset, Cutco was a company that wanted to produce only the finest in cutlery products, seeking out the best cutlery manufacturers available then to provide them with their expertise and knowledge about creating knives. Settling in Olean, NY, for their rich cutlery heritage, the company built their factory in that area and today has their corporate headquarters there as well.

Cutco Products

Cutco introduced many innovations and design technology in their products which made them a cut above the competition and tis allowed them to offer a lifetime guarantee on their knives. Innovations like their Wedge-Lock handle, an ergonomically-designed handle made it easier and more comfortable to grip preventing any slips or accidents, whether your left or right handed. The design is perfect for any sized hand allowing the thumb and forefinger to easily lock into place. The handle also featured an extended handle with full tang making it more durable and balanced to control. Another design innovation that Cutco introduced to their knives is the company exclusive Double-D Edge, a design that featured recessed cutting edges with three cutting surfaces for smooth clean cuts and prolonged sharpness.

Cutco offers these design technology in all of their knives not just in their kitchen knives product lineup, but also in their outdoor knives. The company is not just about knives though, they also offer a wide array of products including knife block sets, kitchen gadgets, cookware, garden tools, sporting gear, and gift sets. All Cutco knives are proudly American made with more than 800 employees working in their corporate headquarters and factory in NY and this has allowed the company to offer a forever satisfaction guarantee on their products.

Cutco products are mainly sold through Vector Marketing Corporation which handles their single level direct sales. Posting annual revenues of $200 million, Vector sustained 20% growth in the first years it was assigned as the marketing branch of Cutco. Today, Vector has over 250 offices spread in the US and Canada and is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has received good ranking from the Better Business Bureau.

A large percentage of the independent sales representatives working for Cutco and Vector are composed of college students. Numbering in the tens of thousands, these sales representatives are offered part time or fulltime work opportunity through the company’s student work program. Vector has devised a program where they offer college students a flexible working environment where they can have tons of learning experience. Being among a workforce without much knowledge yet of the sales industry, the company provides them invaluable training in selling strategies which can be used as a rep for Cutco or for any other opportunities that you may have in the future.

Cutco Compensation Plan

Cutco is basically a single level marketing opportunity; their compensation plan is more about commissions on your personal sales. At the start, you will be given a 10% commission for every product that you sell. When you have reached certain amounts of sales, these commission percentage may grow and get as high as fifty percent. The company also offers several bonuses and incentives like fast start bonuses and free Cutco tools and products. If by chance you don’t get as much sales as you would want but have made lots of appointments with people to promote and sell their products, Cutco offers a good safety net with a base pay for every appointment that you make. While this base pay is guaranteed, if your commissions are higher than the accumulated base pay, you will receive only your commission or which amount is higher between the two.

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