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Company Review: Dorling Kindersley

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Dorling Kindersley

Dorling Kindersley

Dorling Kindersley Review

Dorling Kindersley or DK is a publishing company with international reach and is widely known for creating illustrated reference works and books for kids and adults in 51 different languages. The group started in 1974 and is now a faction of the Penguin Group. Dorling Kindersley features a wide array of titles in many genres like cooking, travel, history, parenting, gardening and cooking. The company also creates children’s catalogue for infants, toddlers and young kids. Some of the titles will include topics on the human body, history, animals and other hobbies and activities. Dorling Kindersley has an office in London, New York, Australia, Munich, Toronto and New Delhi.

Initially, Christopher Dorling and Peter Kindersley launched a book-packaging group and named it Dorling Kindersley. The company started in 1974 in London. Eight years later, the group focused on publishing, publishing its first book “First Aid Manual” for volunteers of British medical activities and services. The book was the first to show the unique style of DK when publishing books, which includes illustrated text and attractive visuals on a white shiny background. The Company began operations in the United States under the name DK Inc. in 1991. The company went through a huge hurdle when it printed 18 million books for Star Wars but only managed to sell 50% in 1999. The resulting debt forced the company to be handled by the Pearson PLC media company. Pearson PLC included it in the Penguin Group, which is responsible for the Penguin Books label.

Dorling Kindersley Products

Dorling Kindersley today still publishes several titles on a worldwide scale for both young and adult readers. Majority of the books published by the group is created by several teams consisting of illustrators, artists, freelance writers, editors and layout experts. A number are also promoted by imprimaturs, which are described as reputable groups like the British Red Cross, British Medical Association and the Royal Horticultural Society. Other DK books that are created by celebrity writers are actually works of ghost writers and editors from the company. There are also a number of books that follow huge visual formats to entice readers more. The titles vary in every category. Some of the most popular new published works by the company include DK Handbooks, Eyewitness and The Brainwaves.

DK also imprints such as the work provided to BradyGames publishing company in the United States. The published works focus on strategy guides for video games on different game platforms. The first one was released in November 1993. Up to now, people continue to refer to these with BradyGames making 90 to 100 guides on an annual basis. There are two versions usually released for the guide – limited edition and regular edition. The limited edition usually includes an art-filled book and CD.

Dorling Kindersley also created DK Multimedia, which focused on educational CDs and videos for people of all ages. It went through various processes and changed its name frequently before becoming DK Online which is found in the development project of the Pearson Education KnowledgeBox package.

Compensation Plan

Dorling Kindersley offers money-making opportunities to individuals with talent, artistic skills and marketing prowess. You can earn income by writing, editing, proofreading, drawing, sketching or illustrating for the many books being published by the company. The company frequently gets individuals to serve as ghost artists or writers for efficient and reliable published works. You can also earn money by joining the program and gaining access to the available books at wholesale prices.

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