Exfuze Review

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Exfuze is one of the latest entries of juice based home businesses right now.  Not only is the MLM industry seem to be the market of choice for health and well ness companies for their products, but it also seems that most of these companies either have super juices as their cornerstone product, always has a category in their wellness and nutrition product line for it, or, in cases of single product MLM companies, have super juices as their product of choice. For some distributors, this can be downright discouraging, with the market already saturated with such juices, can a new brand produce the amount of sales that can result to profits? And essentially, can it still recruit distributors to join the network? Exfuze definitely thinks so, and with a virtual all-star cast of highly experienced and successful network marketers, businessman, and true blue NFL stars, the Exfuze team is set to take over the super juice market.

Exfuze Review


Despite being brand spanking new, Exfuze is not a pushover greenhorn company by all means. Helmed by the Rick and Don Cotton brother tandem, these two guys bring in more than enough background and experience in running a successful company and taking their distributors along with them on the path to success. Rick has made a name for himself in his long years working in the network marketing industry and Don has been a fixture in the traditional business scene taking top posts in world class corporations like Microsoft. You have one man who actually knows how to run a company, and another that knows how to sell the products they make.

Surrounding themselves with seasoned experts, both in developing the product and running the company, Exfuze knew that the combination of a

Exfuze Review

Exfuze Review

good product, preferably a hot product demanded by a hot market, and a solid distribution will be the key to propelling the company to new heights, even in a market that is saturated already. Knowing this, Exfuze ensured that they only offer a product that is superior to others and also design a compensation plan that is easy to understand and offer the largest pay plan in the whole nutrition super juice industry.

The Exfuze Products and Juice


Like its leaders, the Exfuze Juice is a veritable all-star cast of ingredients that features the very best and most nutritious juice extracts that are used by many super juices today which includes the likes of Noni Fruit, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Mangosteen, and Gac among others. While other nutritious fruit juices focus on the beneficial elements of a single ingredient, Exfuze gathered all the best things about these naturally grown elements in one single super juice that’s not only healthy and good for you, but also refreshingly tasty.

A product of extensive scientific research and development done by the company’s own Scientific Advisory Board, composed of some of the top minds in the field of health, nutrition, and medicine, the Exfuze Power of Seven Juice is packed to the brim with nutrition and other health benefitting properties which promotes natural production of energy, improves memory and mental focus, shield damaging effects of oxidation to the brain, and relieves stress.

The Exfuze Compensation Plan


But of course, for people interested in becoming independent field distributors, the compensation plan of Exfuze is a great concern. Like the company’s tag line. Exfuze’s compensation plan also has a power seven; this is the number of ways where an independent distributor in their network can earn money. First is the familiar retail profit, where price differences from your wholesale purchases and the actual product retail price spells the profit you make. Then there is the preferred customer method where a distributor receives an extra $10 commission for every bottle that their loyal customers purchase. The 5 other methods involve the distributor’s team members and their performance like the Fast Start Bonus, where commission is given every time a new distributor under you buys the optional upgrades; Fast Start Match, matching half of the amount that your recruited distributors make on their own Fast Start bonuses; Team Commissions, 10% of the volume sales amount produced by the lesser producing leg in your binary team; Chairman’s bonus, incentives given for gong up a rank and maintaining it; and the Director’s Check match, a 55% weekly company-wide payout of business volume.

Is Exfuze A Scam?

No, not at all.  It seems to have the makings of a great MLM Business coupled with a well researched product line.

However, it is particularly important for those distributors in this company to learn some of the basics of marketing.  Particularly that of differentiating oneself from the competition, and getting right in front of your target market…..those who are looking for the benefits of a super juice and actively shopping for one.

In the current environment, there is no better place to set yourself apart and attract the kinds of prospects you need for your business than the internet.  Literally you can get in front of them withing minutes.

If you’d like to learn how to generate leads online, up to 30+ per day, and leverage the internet to market your Exfuze business, fill out the simple form below with your name and email address right now to get instant access to 7 free days of cutting edge internet MLM training.

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