FHTM – Fortune High Tech Marketing Review

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The Fortune High Tech Marketing Review – Starting a New

Business with Established Brands

One of the biggest headaches in multi-level marketing is marketing and selling a product that people doesn’t necessarily need or want and much less know about. Consumers are now cautious about their purchases and are wary about buying [products or subscribing to services that they are not sure would give good value to their money. Now if you can’t even sell your product, how can you expect to recruit others to sell for your team? Many lesser known MLM companies give this type of problem to their distributors, with Fortune High Tech Marketing, or FHTM though, you have a product that is already well known, and in fact, is already being used by many households.

Founded by network marketing expert Paul Orberson in 2001, Fortune High Tech Marketing is a direct selling company competing in the international market with operations not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Puerto Rico, and in the United Kingdom. Fortune High Tech Marketing or FHTM was born out of the experiences and success of Paul Orberson as a network marketer, a career that was miles away from his first one as a high school teacher and coach. Paul’s success as a network marketer made him very popular in the MLM industry and in his retirement before he turned 40, he drew out from his experiences as a network marketer the common factors that most MLMers experience and stumble upon and designed a network marketing structure for his own company which would allow others to recreate the success that he has achieved.

Calling Fortune High Tech Marketing as a network marketing company for the representative by a representative, Paul gave focus on the

FHTM - Fortune High Tech Marketing

FHTM - Fortune High Tech Marketing

independent distributors and quickly found growth with the company as more representatives joined the network with its remarkable compensation plan and the well-known products and services they offered. Within a couple of years, the company’s expansion took them outside of the US making Fortune High Tech Marketing an international player in the direct selling industry.

One of the greatest factors instrumental in making Fortune High Tech Marketing a success are the top notch products and services that they offer. There is a wide variety of products and services that can be selected and many of them are being subscribed or patronized by the common household. By simply having people transfer their mode of subscription or purchase of these products through you, you can already start earning an income. By pricing your offers competitively and giving personalized service, you can build a business that is supported by loyal customers and eventually enjoy the benefits and fruits of a residual income. By working hard today, you will be saving yourself from working harder in the future.

Affiliations with popular brands like the Dish Network, The Wireless Shop (powered by Simplexity) featuring Sprint and T-Mobile; and True Essentials, has allowed Fortune High Tech Marketing representatives to have an easier time offering the products and also in recruiting others to join their team. As the product list of Fortune High Tech Marketing continues to expand offering several product categories, you won’t have to be limited to a certain market or consumer group. Anybody can be a customer and everybody can be a representative.

Fortune High Tech Marketing Compensation Plan


The compensation plan of Fortune High Tech Marketing is highly flexible. It operates on a point system basis that is influenced by several factors, including the level that you are in, the size of your downline, the team’s sales volume, and a number of other qualifying factors. The three common ways a Fortune High Tech Marketing representative can earn rewards is through retail sales commission, where depending on the team size can give an amount anywhere from 2 to 20% of the product price, recruiting bonuses, and through icetives where a representative can qualify for a paid vacation or a luxury car. The Fortune High Tech Marketing compensation plan also allows a breakaway plan wherein a recruit who meets certain qualifications can remove his or her team from the team of his original sponsor and start his own group. This allows the head of the new team to open more opportunities and potentials for higher income generation. This method rewards those that work hard in recruiting new representatives and motivating others to do the same.

Is Fortune High Tech Marketing A Scam?

No, its a legit business with an interesting twist on the products it markets and has quite a bit of potential.

However, the key with this particular, or any MLM business for the matter is how it will be marketed.  It’s no longer any good to just go out and tell people how wonderful your opportunity is, or how much money they could make.

Most important these days is getting your offer in front of people actively seeking what you are offering, and the benefits of it.  This is known as targeted marketing and hands down the best way to conduct this is on the internet right now.   This literally gives you instant access to thousands of potential customers.

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Alecia Stringer February 6, 2012 at 11:00 pm

Thanks for the information in this review. It seems like I hear of the bonuses one can get, but only hear of the points you make for residual income. Thanks for your insights.

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