Forever Green Review

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A Review of the Forever Green MLM Opportunity

It’s not really difficult to see why so many companies today are getting into the health and wellness industry, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers that having a carefree lifestyle leads too and this has led to a huge demand for products which can help enhance their overall well-being. Companies like Forever Green have come up with their own solutions to satisfy this growing need using breakthrough innovations from natural health improving ingredients. At the same time, they are also aimed at improving the financial welfare of those looking for ways to augment their income.


Forever Green Review

forever green review

forever green review

Founded in 2004, Forever Green may be a young company barely a decade in the industry, but its global expansion, operating in more than 40 countries, and growing network, numbering upward fifty thousand, proves that it is a solid company that offers effective products. Forever Green manufactures products that are safe not only for human consumption, but also for our planet. The company avoids processes which can have damaging effects to the environment and only utilizes natural and chemical free ingredients in their products. From its establishment, Forever Green was designed and operated to be a company that is centered on the community and a solution to many of society’s problems rather than a contributor to it.

The founder of Forever Green is Ron Williams, an experienced expert in the field of network marketing who has helmed a number of multi-million dollar businesses sharing his extensive talents and skills in the business. Today, while being the chairman and CEO of Forever Green, Ron is also credited for his other works as an author, lecturer, filmmaker, and an advocate for development coaching and general health, he is also the president of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association.


Forever Green Products


A company geared towards producing total lifestyle solutions, Forever Green uses the latest researches and discoveries to formulate products of the highest quality. The company’s flagship product is a health drink named FrequenSea, made from Marine Phytoplankton for which only Forever Green has the exclusive rights to use as an ingredient. This nutritious and healthy drink is formulated to assist our body to have a better immune system, lower cholesterol levels, reduce high blood pressure, relieve pain, and detoxify our system.

Currently, Forever Green has five brands under their entire product line, namely LegaSea, for which the FrequenSea products is included, has the company product line which uses the exclusive ingredient; Versativa, the company’s contribution to eco-solutions; TRUessence, personal care and natural household products made from essential oils that are safe and non-synthetic; Smart Food, freshly made health food products for a wide variety of health improving factors, this line includes Pulse Bars, Great Start cereals, 24K organic dark chocolate, and ElectriFire energy drink; and finally, the O3World, their weight management brand which leverages your body’s natural abilities and reactions to reach the desired weight goal, this line is divided into three categories, Form Fixx, and Fill.

Another notable product of the company is the Raw Promise, a packaged health and weight management system which can provide many of the benefits of having a healthier lifestyle in just 14 days. Some of these benefits are, better sleep cycle, enhanced mood, mental acuity, better skin tone, faster weight loss, better digestion, effective yet gentle body detoxification, enhanced energy, and much more.


Forever Green Compensation Plan


Forever Green’s compensation plan is based on a unilevel structure that is maximized by building yourself an organization of five legs. Aside from generating interest by selling retail, you earn income for the recruits that you make and the recruits that they make for up to five levels. If you are able to maintain your requirements you can qualify for several bonuses, like the weekly fast start bonus where you get 20% commission off the first order of new members you have personally enrolled. You can even build a residual income through this bonus as you can get paid for the first orders of new members enrolled by your downlines. The sales volume of your organization is another way to build residual income as you can receive commission for their total output. Forever Green also offers other incentives, like a new car, for distributors who have made remarkable progress and achievements in their business.


Is There A Forever Green Scam?

Not in the least.  This is a reputable company with a very solid product line.

However, like many mlm business opportunities, they do need to embrace the internet age and learn to get in front of where the largest percentage of their potential customers are searching for solutions to their problems and be right there with the answer, whether it is product or business related.

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