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Forever Living Review Is This MLM Good Or A Scam?

by Kurt Henninger on

Forever living review

Forever living review

If you are looking to invest in a online multi-level network marketing business, then choosing an online MLM company or business that has stood the test of time with a proven product is probably a good choice to invest in. Although there are a lot of different online MLM business opportunities out there that might fit this description, one particular company that would stand out is the international multi-level network marketing company, Forever Living.  This forever living review will focus on getting past all the hype and buzz around this MLM company and get to the core facts.

Forever Living Company

Forever Living, as I mentioned earlier, is an international multi-level network marketing company that is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is considered to be the world’s largest grower of aloe vera, and can be viewed as the biggest bee keeper in the world as well. This company has actually been in the industry of selling natural-based aloe vera and bee hive products for over 25 years already, and has proven to be a powerhouse in their respective niche. Right now, they continue to garner more and more followers, both overseas and here in the U.S.

Forever Living Product

When you look at their main website , one of the main products being sold and marketed by Forever Living are aloe vera based products, ranging from nutritional supplements to skin care and cosmetic products. They have also ventured into selling and marketing water filtrations products and systems, aside from marketing natural based aloe vera and bee hive products.

Forever Living Compensation Plan

Forever Living’s compensation plan allows the company’s different distributors and direct-agents to earn commissions from their own direct sales of the Forever Living products that they were able to sell, whether the sale is done in person or through the use of their online websites. Also, just like with most multi-level network marketing compensation schemes, these distributors and agents can also earn commissions through the sales that their referrals were able to make. This means that the more referrals they can bring in to the company, then the more commissions they can earn, regardless if they made some sales themselves or not.

Aside from the commissions, you will also be able to earn bonuses through the company’s “group volume bonus” compensation plan, which basically means that the more products that your referred agents are able to sell, then the more bonuses you would be able to avail of.

The Conclusion

What does this forever living review think of the company?  Like most MLM businesses, you will need to work hard and give an effort and really learn how to market, with this or any other business.

In particular, if you learn how to market and attract targeted leads and customers and leverage the internet to do that, you can virtually write your own financial ticket.   Today people use the internet by the millions to do research and find solutions to their problems.  You can be there with your product or business as the solution if you choose to do so.

This forever living review was just one tool to give you the truth and help you be successful.

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JENNIFER August 16, 2010 at 7:29 am

I’d like to know how I can grow my business on the internet.
Tank you, Jennifer

Lindsay February 2, 2011 at 11:46 am

Sorry to break it to you but level of scam involved in Forever Living is deep in their manufacturing level. They scam everybody every time they come up with a “new” product. I know because I worked there. Think about it, the work that it takes to come up with a “health” product, all the trials that are involved to make sure that the claims are valid, that the product is safe and it works…and these people launch 4 products every year??? That is because they knock off everybody else’s product mixed with Aloe Vera. Clever! not so fast, they perform very weak trials amongst their executive committee which often results in stability data being collected after they launched the product. In one occasion when they were about to launch their calcium tablet it would not dissolve sending one of their executives to the hospital with an acute case of appendicitis caused by the undissolved calcium pills. They never conduct research on anything, the owner sees something he likes, sends it to the lab to get it replicated and throw some aloe in there and voila! they have a new “forever blah blah blah” Super expensive crap manufactured by abused mexican employees in their Dallas plant. They are smart though, they are careful that they dont put any claims on their labeling that might get them in too much trouble, they have a big dictionary to change around words. Their fish oil caps? a scam. Their Sonys line? sucks, it comes from this crappy company out of Ontario with the ugliest colors cheaply made. Their employees joke that they dont use anything they make. The OSHA safety report? look it up. About the only nice thing I can say about their plant is that it looks clean, and this is because they constantly have visitors. Their manufacturing sucks because their numbers never add up, their packaging sucks because the production department is ran by a derelict without a degree with delirium tremens…
I would stick with good ol’ Avon…

tom August 3, 2011 at 3:42 pm

i think that person do not know what there talking about there week in business and fail so they have to blame someone and cant blame themselfs i feel sorry for those drop outs they would not have made it anywhere in the world

admin August 4, 2011 at 12:10 pm

You are right tom. Failure and success both come from within, not from others.

Peter Nisbet November 5, 2011 at 5:28 am

I think you will find that Lindsay is saying he/she worked there and knows what’s happening in the background. Lindsay is not saying that he/she tried the program and failed. This is happening all over the place with MLM businesses starting up overnight and offering products that have not been tested, but that do not need FDA approval.

This might not be happening with Forever Living products, and Lindsay might be wrong, but read what is written correctly please and don’t accuse people of things they are not saying. If Lindsay was an employee this information worries me – but that is only ‘if’ and also only if Lindsay was not fired and doesn’t have a big grudge. I do not know – we all have to judge these things for ourselves.

Ganesh January 6, 2012 at 10:36 pm

this products are very useful for present and future people..due to the pollution effects we will get no.of problems.. so forever lliving products are good remidy for that unhealthyness..

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