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Product and Company Review: GBG Health and Wellness

Several products are being introduced every month by many MLM companies. You have to be vigilant enough to do careful study and research on the products that will be beneficial to your health, as well as be a good thing to represent for your business. Consider the GBG liquid vitamin which contains various nutrients. You will like a lot of other benefits from the product and enjoy the effects of the company scheme.

GBG Products


gbg review

gbg review

GBG is a liquid vitamin that contains several healthy and beneficial nutrients like Acai Berry, amaliaki, mangosteen and pomegranate. Acai Berry is a well-known product that stems from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. It is also called the cabbage palm and is widely used because of its potent antioxidant properties, which is 33 times better compared to the detoxifying effects of red graps. Acai Berry is also widely used to boost the circulation of blood and to cleanse different body systems. Individuals taking the nutrient will experience increased energy and endurance for more intense and productive workouts. Amalaki is widely known for its healing characteristics. It is also called Indian Gooseberry which has potent detoxifying effects. It is also high in vitamin C and functions to improve how digestive enzymes work. This is a great nutrient taken by people with diabetes. Mangosteen comes from Southeast Asia and is known as a superfruit because of its potent effects. It is known for its strong antioxidants or xanthones, which boost the immune system through the management of free radicals. This product will improve the entire body as well as vision.

More Nutrients and Benefits

There are several other nutrients that you will find in the GBG 10 in 1 liquid vitamin, such as aloe, wolfberry or goji Berry, eleuthro, rhodiola, coenzyme Q10 and schizandra. The multivitamin is complete with 23 essential vitamins and minerals and also about 1,200 mg of trace minerals. There are so many advantages that come with the product, such as improving the function and form of the heart via the unique cardiovascular formula. GBG 10-in-One is also known to slow down the aging process, because of its detoxifying effects. The immune system can be improved to help the body at the basic level. There are also other good effects like improvement of mood and memory, energy boosters without strong stimulants, enhanced bones and joints, enhanced vision and enhanced digestion. You get all of these at only $19.95 if you choose autoship.

The GBG liquid multivitamin has a huge ORAC value of 2,500 for every 1 ounce serving. The formula has excellent taste, has no net carbs, no trans fats, zero calories and is diabetic friendly. The company manufactures all products always in facilities inspected by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. The products are very affordable and are even available with an empty bottle money-back guarantee lasting 60 days.

More Products

GBG Health and Wellness also introduced enRgy, which helps people get rid of unwanted fat and weight. It is a good product that suppresses appetite and hunger, which helps people eat and weigh less even if they lead very stressful lives that do not allow them to diet very efficiently. The product also boosts mood and energy so that exercise sessions become more productive. People get rid of cravings, hunger and big drops that come after a binge or huge eating session. Another good product by GBG is MA+, which is an antioxidant that boosts the natural detoxifying system of the body. This helps heal and regenerate cells by getting rid of heavy metals, toxins and wastes in the body. MA+ features a whey protein formula that comes before glutathione.

GBG Compensation Plan

There are three compensation plans offered by the company – Fast Start Pay, 2 x 10 Forced Expanding Matrix and Car and Mortgage Bonus. The first level or Fast Start Pay will pay you $5 immediately for every person you sponsor, you get a repeat order of GBG 10 in 1. The more people you bring into the group, the bigger your payments will be. You will also get more re-order privileges and discounts. As for the second type or the 2 x 10 Forced Expanding Matrix, you will increase your level and income opportunity relative to the total number people you sponsor. For example, you reach first level or 2% upon sponsoring 2 people, then reach level 6 or 5% upon inviting 64 people, then level 10 or 50% upon inviting 1024 people. There are no limits to the levels and your ability to generate income.

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