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It’s easy to get lost amidst the talks and buzz generated by the focus some people have on the “secret society” angle that surrounds Global Information Network, making it one of the more interesting MLM Business opportunities. But with some of the top tier executives of the network marketing company being high ranking members as well of the most elite and selective organizations, groups and clubs in the world, such as the Bilderberg Group, the Freemasons, the Trilateral Commission, and the Skulls and Bones from Yale University, it’s inevitable that there will be some discussions and debates over that fact. More importantly though, these group of people have banded together to form Global Information Network with the sole purpose of providing empowerment to certain individuals to make them rise and succeed in today’s society.

So What Is Global Information Network All About?


A highly unique organization, Global Information Network is an innovative movement that doesn’t present itself in the traditional manner that business ventures market itself and mold its business structure. Rather, Global Information Network presents itself as group of global reach with its core members coming from an elite class that enjoys great wealth, high influence in the society, and having roots in different industrial, financial, political, and social sectors.

While many of the top ranking members of Global Information Network choose to remain anonymous, one person has been tasked to act as the image of the group and that is Kevin Trudeau. Once a member of the elite group “The Brotherhood”, Trudeau is a bestselling author of many highly informative books and is also dubbed as “the King of Infomercials”.

As a network marketing company, Global Information Network does not offer any products to sell, but rather, the group offers exclusive and highly valuable information to their select members, which are recruited by invitation only, which they can use to their advantage in the business industry. These confidential pieces of information can cover a wide variety of areas including tips, advices, and secrets on stocks, bonds, and trading; real estate opportunities on a global scale, worldwide commodities and currencies; offshore banking, asset protection, investment and money making opportunities, the Law of Attraction, natural remedies and cures, and lots more. Through these pieces of information, a member will be able to elevate his quality of life, achieve more wealth and success, have better health, and cultivate a sound emotional wellbeing.

Global Information Network Review

Global Information Network Review

Global Information Network delivers these highly valuable pieces of information through various methods and is presented by highly trained and experienced members. You can access the information through the an encrypted and coded members only webpage in the Global Information Network website, classified audio and video files sent exclusively to members, copies of reports and books, emails and phone calls, live webinars, live workshops and seminars, and through one on one mentoring sessions.

What About The Global Information Network Compensation Plan?


To become an affiliate or member of Global Information Network, a person should first be invited or sponsored by an existing active member. Aside from having valuable and priceless information at your disposal, a member can generate income through the Global Information Network program by inviting other people to join as members. As each new member pays $1000 for initiation dues, a sponsoring member gets $200 dollars for each new member he invites. The more members he gets to sponsor, the higher the potential income would be, and with the many secrets that the group has to share, it’s easy for one to be able to sell the idea of a membership and the lifetime of financial opportunities that becoming a member provides. The commission doesn’t end there though, with each person you sponsor for membership, every new member that they sponsor as well would mean $200 in commission to you as well. The potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars is very viable.

So Is There A Global Information Network Scam?


Not at all, quite to the contrary, knowledge is one of the most treasured possessions that we have today, and Global Information Network has successfully turned it into a commodity.

However, one critical thing we didn’t address is that it is still necessary to apply a few basic marketing principles in order to be successful with this, or any other home based MLM Business.  Learning to conduct targeted marketing, and getting your offer in front of those who are eagerly seeking what you specifically are offering is the fastest way to be successful with this opportunity.

Fortunately, the internet provides a virtually instant way to tap into very select and prime prospects, those that are the best available and even wanting to join this opportunity already.

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