Global Domains International Review

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For people that have been surfing the internet for quite some time now and have gained much knowledge about the web community, the name Global Domains International should be something that they are familiar with. There are already many network marketers that have been involved with this company and have found it to be a viable online business opportunity. Operating in over 180 countries worldwide, Global Domains International have yielded what they call their “super affiliates” which have been earning a good amount of income for several years now with the GDI network marketing program.

So what is Global Domains Internation Or GDI All About?


For more than ten years now, Global Domains International is a company that is in the business of selling domain names. Founded in 1999, Global Domains International the company was started by Alan Ezeir, which is the company’s president, and Michael Reed, the present CEO. Aside from offering domain names, Global Domains International also offers web hosting services and has been ranked as the 37th fastest growing company in the US, counting several large corporations such as Yahoo, Ebay, Dell, BMW, 3M, Bose Corporation, and UPS among its roster of clients. Today, Global Domains International has registered more than 100,000 domains and this number is continually growing.

Global Domains International Review

Global Domains International Review

Enjoying a well-received global reputation and a high top 50 ranking in the Fortune 500, Global Domains International is working on promoting the use of alternative domain name extensions for businesses. Realizing that the extension dot com has been quickly grabbed up, with many businesses failing to register a domain name using their brand with the dot com extension, Global Domains International proposed using dot WS as a domain name solution as the letters can represent website, and they still have the opportunity to use the domain name to brand their businesses.

With the dot com extension proving to be a very costly option, domain names being sold ridiculously high priced, the decision to grab the Global Domains International offer was an easy one to make for many institutions, organizations, and companies. And because Global Domains International doesn’t make their clients commit to a long term agreement, clients have been able to do some test run and discover that the dot WS extension has proven to be effective.

Like a virtual real estate, domain names have become valuable internet properties, and with the dot com extension being all but consumed, alternative extensions like dot WS, have become a popular option. With the growing demand for dot WS domain names, many experts predict that it will be the next big thing following dot com extensions.

Aside from providing domain names, Global Domains International also offer premium plans in shared web hosting whether for business or personal websites. Using state of the art servers, clients can be assured of having a reliable and secured web server and be free from the hassles of frequent downtimes or possible attacks on their data. Along with their domain names and web hosting services, Global Domains International also offers email services allocating 10 email accounts for each domain name registered, as well as the use of their WebSite Builder 2.0 program, a software that allows anyone to easily build their own website even if they don’t have any skills or the technical knowhow in doing so.

What About The GDI Compensation Plan?


For network affiliates, Global Domains International offers a compensation plan that offers five different ways of generating an income with the company. Using a uni-level model, an affiliate can build a first level team with unlimited number of members and receive full commission on all the levels below the initial level. There are also bonuses for referring affiliates ad in a certain period of time, for example, as an affiliate, you can instantly receive a $100 credit on your PayPal or bank account if you refer a minimum of five active affiliates within a single week, and for every additional five affiliates more, you will get another $100.

With a market dominated by no other, Global Domains International is a very viable business opportunity that holds a product that has a demand with no end. The internet will continually grow and prime only property will always have a demand.

How To Successful With Global Domains International

Even though it looks like a great and affordable opportunity, you still must apply some basic marketing principles here to be successful.  In particular with GDI, learning internet marketing lead generation strategies are absolutely key here.

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