Global Resorts Network Review

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If you adore travelling, then Global Resorts Network just got a whole lot better for you. Now, what if your next travel your accommodations is bumped up to first class at only a fraction of a price of what you otherwise would have paid for it? Then besides getting huge discounts on some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts the world over, you would also be earning thousands of dollars from simply referring Global Resorts Network to others and telling them about your sweet deal? It just keeps getting better and better.

Global Resorts Network Review

Even if you’re not much on vacations and travelling, Global Resorts Network, or GRN for short, still offers a viable income generating opportunity which promises its members great potentials in producing not only huge payouts, but also an even bigger residual passive income in the future. But first, we have to know what Global Resorts Network is and what it’s all about.

Basically, Global Resorts Network is a travel business operating mainly through the internet that sells one single product, and that is discount luxury travel membership. This product is not entirely new; in fact, it has been around for two decades now and Global Resorts Network is the online representative of the company, as well as its network marketing arm. As a member of the Global Resorts Network you are entitled to numerous benefits, mainly getting access to top notch accommodations for week long stays at extremely low prices.

Many reviews have made the comparison between a membership in Global Resorts Network and investing in timesharing. It’s the closest example that bears close resemblance with each other, but unlike timesharing, a Global Resorts Network membership does not require large startup costs and the fees involved, like maintenance and annual fees. Also, you’re not tied to just one piece of property; you can choose a wide variety of resorts and hotels in different regions on the planet. You also get several week long vacations as opposed to just one or two weeks in time sharing.

Global Resorts Network Compensation Plan

More importantly, Global Resorts Network provides the opportunity for you to not only recoup your investments, but also, give great wealth

Global Resorts Network Review

Global Resorts Network Review

building potential, one that utilizes a perpetual leverage to virtually offer no limit as to how much you can receive commission and to how long you will be receiving it. But first, let’s explore how a person can become part of the Global Resorts Network community.

There are two options in the membership plans that Global Resorts Network offers, the Gold Membership, priced at $1495 and is good for three years, and the lifetime Platinum membership costing $2995. This may seem a bit steep to some, but considering the discounts you will be getting, plus the possible income that you will make, this amount can be easily recovered a couple of times over, which takes us now to the compensation plan of Global Resorts Network.

Recruiting and selling comes together in the Global Resorts Network system. Since you will be selling memberships, each person that buys from you becomes a part of your team. If that person sells or not, it doesn’t matter, you automatically get $1,000 as commission. Now if that person does decide to make a sale, each successful transaction that your recruit makes entitles you to $1000 again. That doesn’t stop there, unlike other companies, Global Resorts Network doesn’t any limit as to how far a member is from the original sponsor for that sponsor to earn a commission for a sale made by his or her downline. A sale may be made by someone 30 to a hundred levels below you, and you can still be eligible for a $1000 commission. That’s why perpetual leveraging is considered as the most generous and powerful compensation plan today.

If you want to be part of the Global Resorts Network but really have no plans to using the discount benefits that you get from the company, you can even cash in on it. Global Resorts Network allows guest certificates where a member’s guest can get to use the week long vacations entitled to him. You can place a price margin and profit off from your discounts, much like in retail selling.

Is There A Global Resorts Network Scam?

In short, no, not at all.  This is one of the best quality, high tier MLM business or network marketing programs out there right now.

However, key to this is your ability to market, either the travel product or business opportunity.  Right now, the internet is the perfect place to market either, because of the literally instant reach that you can get to targeted prospects all over the world.

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