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Herbalife Provides Grant To The Pondok Kasih Agape Orphanage

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According to a January 17, 2012 report published in Business Wire, the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) is committed to helping at risk children. This nonprofit organization provided a grant the Pondok Kasih Agape Orphanage that will be used to improve nutrition for those children that live in the orphanage located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Funds provided by this grant will establish a program known as Casa Herbalife that will renovate the sanitation and kitchen facilities at the orphanage. The program is aimed at providing better nutrition to the more than 200 children currently living at the orphanage.

This Orphanage grant was initiated due to a concern over the growing number of underprivileged children and orphans needing assistance and better nutrition.

Established in 2005, the Casa Herbalife program works to improve child nutrition for those living in orphanages as well as those spending time in after school centers or other nonprofit facilities. This grant is the 72nd worldwide program and the 16th that has been awarded in the Asia Pacific region. Once Herbalife makes the initial grant through HFF, organizations receive volunteer and financial support from the company’s corporate employees as well as the Independent Distributors.

HFF is organized as a 501C(3) nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to improving the lives of children by helping other organizations that provide healthy nutrition to at risk children. In addition, HFF provides support to relief efforts as a response to natural disasters.

About Herbalife:

Herbalife is based in Los Angeles California, and is one of the largest weight loss companies distributing their products using the MLM Business model.

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irumba juma siriwayo January 28, 2012 at 4:14 am

i work with Rwenzori aids home care association(RAHOCA) we are also having child to child activities among which we also provide herbal medicines for the childrens nutritional and medical purposes.

we would wish to collaborate with this organisation as we also have different herbal raw material resources for healing avariety of infections as the Rwenzpri Reigion is endowed with efefctive medicinal resources fauna and flora.

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