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Herbalife Shows Strong Growth

by Kurt on

Herbalife has been doing exceptionally well in the past few years. In fact, over eight quarters they have shown profit growth of over 30%.

Last October, CEO Michale Johnson remarked that the company’s business had never been in a better position.

Need and demand for their products is only expected to go up, as almost one billion overweight people across the globe are seeking ways to shed pounds and lead a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife does business around the world, although the US certainly is responsible for a fair share of the market with almost a third of the population being overweight.

Herbalife is in the Cosmetics and Personal Care industry section, and was ranked in the middle of nearly 200 other groups. The company recently released a report stating their expected profits this year may be lower than usual.

In the past, Herbalife has often exceeded their own estimates. The stocks overall tendencies remain bullish so far this year, which is great for any MLM business opportunity.

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