Ignite Inc Review

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The Ignite Inc Opportunity – Making Money through Energy

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that deals with a product which is easy to sell, highly needed, and has the potential to generate residual income, then you should consider Ignite Inc. A multi-level marketing business opportunity that deals with a commodity that is literally a “need” by all consumers, Ignite Inc lets you cash in on a market that will never lose demand, energy. Our society’s existence depends greatly on energy or electricity constantly being supplied to sustain the machines and other equipment that makes every aspect of it function. Not just for work, we need energy for sustenance, security, entertainment, and virtually everything that we do. Now what if you have the chance to make money while someone turns on the lights, opens their TV, starts their computer, or heats something up on their microwave? This is what you may expect with Ignite Inc. A concept that is fairly new to some people, the general principle behind Ignite Inc is basically simple; get customers to subscribe to the services

Ignite Inc Review

Ignite Inc Review

of Steeam Energy, the parent company of Ignite Inc to which it is the marketing arm of the whole group. Selling electricity” may sound unconventional, but basically, you are just recruiting customers to sign up for a service that doesn’t even require any selling at all. Founded in 2005, Ignite Inc was formed and developed to boost the sales and marketing elements of Stream Energy, a company that sells retail electricity and natural gas. Born out of the deregulation of the energy market in Texas, Ignite Inc applied the multi-level marketing structure depending largely on individual sales distributors to spread the word about their services and to get subscribers to their business. Starting out in the Texas region, Ignite Inc has expanded today to cover other energy markets which include Georgia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. For a little more than five years now, Ignite Inc has been able to develop their business successfully as shown through their 400,000 subscribers that produced record setting sales reaching almost a billion dollars in 2010. In this short period of time, Ignite Inc has been able to become the 14th largest direct selling company in the world and receive multiple acknowledgements as among the fastest growing companies today. The Ignite Inc network has almost 200,000 associates or individual sales agents despite its “small” consumer market. But with Texas being the top energy consumer in the whole country along with the addition of 3 other regions, the potential to earn an income and eventually build residual income sources is highly likely. The basic entry level that Ignite Inc offers is the Director Level. To qualify, you will be required to purchase the Ignite Services Program and pay a one-time fee for it. Your membership will have an annual fee also and if you decide to purchase a specially designed website to help you promote your business online, you will also have monthly fees for it. Your website, or homesite is a highly necessary tool for your marketing and sales efforts which will make the task easier for you. Plus, purchasing a homesite will amount to two energy accounts and including your own account, you will need only another one to be able to reach the 4 energy account limit to qualify for bonuses and the leadership income by being elevated to a Qualified Director Level.  Other evels up the Ignite Inc hierarchy includes the Managing Director, Senior Director, and the topmost, Executive Director. Your climb to these levels mainly depends on the number of energy accounts you personally enroll and the directors that you sponsor in your organization. Like most multi-level marketing structures, the level that a person is positioned in will dictate the income that he or she will qualify to receive.

The Ignite Inc Compensation Plan

There are various ways that an individual can earn from Ignite Incand this is through bonuses and commissions for the recruits that the organization produces. Some bonuses cover a certain time limit for a person to qualify. For example, you can receive 100 dollars for each qualified director that you are able to enroll in the first 30 days. Make sure that you maintain your qualifications to be able to receive your monthly income from the energy accounts enrolled by your organization.

Is Ignite A Scam?

No, it is a completely legitimate business that simply bring the network marketing business model to the energy industry. However, despite its novel product, there is still a great need to really market it in order to generate customers, or bring in business builders.  Looking for people who are actively seeking your product or service is called targeted marketing and is the quickest way to build a downline. In particular, the internet provides a huge amount of leverage in order to get to those customers. If you’d like to learn how to access the internet and generate up to 30+ free leads per day, simply fill out your name and email address in the box below to get 7 free days of cutting edge internet mlm training.

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