Isagenix Review

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The Isagenix Review – Learning the Inner Workings of this

Successful International MLM Company

There are commonly two types of people who go online looking for information and reviews on Isagenix, those that are trying to lose weight and trying to have a healthier toxin-free body, and those that are interested about the multi-level marketing opportunity that the company is offering. Both these types of people are on the right track, not only because they are doing research before making a decision, but also because they are considering it, a company that has proven its success in the industry through quality products and through offering generous compensation plans and employing effective business network systems. That is what this Isagenix review focuses on.

Isagenix Review

Isagenix Review

Officially known as Isagenix International LLC, this multi-level marketing was the brainchild of a successful collaboration between direct marketing power couple Jim and Kathy Coover and nutritional supplements master formulator John Anderson. All three have worked together to create a company that excels in all fronts, from the product, down to the operation. This enterprise unfurled to the public in 2002 amidst a flurry of online marketing putting the spotlight on the company’s flagship product, the 9 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

The Isagenix Products

The company offered other product lines as well through the years expanding more and more while continually ensuring that their original products maintained their quality and efficiency and making them even better. Today, it has a comprehensive cleansing product lineup that offers amazingly tasty, yet healthy, products like soups, slim cakes, snack bars, and shakes. All the products included in the cleanse programs are formulated to eliminate toxins and impurities from our bodies, get rid of excess weight, and replenish lost nutrients to boost body performance and health. They usually put together product packages that includes several of their products that complement each other greatly to optimize the results that you want to reach. Many customers have given glowing testaments to the efficiency of these packages and this is good news not only to the company, but also to the independent distributors who benefit from a positive consumer market brand image. Aside from the cleanse category, they also offer nutrition, rejuvity, and skin care products.

As an Isagenix independent distributor, you can expect to receive your earnings under a binary compensation plan. This is the most common and typical multi-level marketing structure. In their network, a team needs to work together effectively to ear more. And as an independent distributor, the more hardworking distributors that you recruit, then the more profits there will be for you to receive. If you are able to recruit a sufficient number of people under you, and they are serious about their work, you can expect to receive a residual income under their program. This can be a long term set up especially if you are able to replace spots under you that fail to succeed in the business.

Outright profits can also be realized, and that’s through the direct retails selling. The discounts you receive as a member of the Isagenix network can be translated to profits as you mark up your sale price. In their website, Isagenix claims that an independent distributor has six ways that they can earn money from MLM opportunity, and these are through retail profits, product introduction bonus, team bonuses, matching check bonuses, autoship and reward incentives, and promotions. Even for those that simply want to lose weight or have a healthier body, becoming part of the Isagenix network will cut down purchase costs and save some money.

Reaching its tenth year in the MLM industry and in the health and well ness industry, Isagenix has grown leaps and bounds creating a lasting impression. Their seven million customers worldwide and an annual revenue of more than a billion dollars puts them in the exclusive club private to legitimate business entities and this translates to credibility and trust in the market. Along with exceptional breakthrough products, an innovative system that shares income generously with their distributors, and the market becoming more aware and conscious of their health, its easy to see why Isagenix is regarded as one of the fastest growing companies worldwide and is projected to continue doing so for a long time.

Is Isagenix A Scam?

Not by any means, rather it a long term successful network marketing business that is out there right now.

However, it is imperative that as a rep for this or any other company, you learn and apply a few basic marketing skills, rather than continually hounding friends and family for them to either buy your product or join you in your business.

Rather, a far quicker and more effective alternative is to conduct targeted marketing towards people already looking for the benefits of what you have to offer, and get yourself in front of them.

The internet provides a perfect opportunity to do just this, as it allows you virtually instant access to the best kinds of customers that you could potentially have.

If you’d like to learn more about how to attract these customers, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address to get instant access to 7 free days of cutting edge MLM training to help teach you to generate upwards of 30 free leads per day using nothing but the internet.

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