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Review of the Kleeneze MLM Opportunity – A Pioneering

European MLM Company

Being the first company in the Europe region to implement the network marketing platform says a lot about the Kleeneze Company today. It’s difficult to doubt the integrity and foundation of an MLM company that has paved the way for other MLM companies in that part of the world. Kleeneze made this conversion to a marketing format in 1970 when it was then still in its infancy and a clear cut formula was not established yet. The company’s history doesn’t start there though, nor were their amazingly bold business moves.



Kleeneze actually started in 1923 with the original name of Kleeneze Brush Company. The business name came to happen as Kleeneze was then primarily about manufacturing brushes. Started by harry Crook, a British man who has just returned to Bristol in England after doing some job for the Fuller Brush Company. From the very start, the original business yielded yearly profits where in seven years, it reached a significant milestone in its run, capping a year that produced a turnover of a million pounds. In the 1930’s this amount can be valued to hundreds of millions of dollars today.

As there was no internet then, independent distributors brought their products along with them knocking on every door and demonstrating their products. This proved to be very cumbersome as there could be several products to tow along. Then came another company breakthrough in 1982 in the form of catalogues. Distributors now only needed to show the catalogues and explain them to their prospective clients. As there was no need to literally carry the actual products anymore, they were able to expand its product line catering to wider consumer needs. Today, Kleeneze is valued at more than 250 million pounds and have expanded their operations to other European nations like Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands.


Kleeneze Products


Aside from making use of the internet, Kleeneze still utilizes catalogues to showcase their products. With more than 1,500 being offered, these products are categorized and featured in several catalogues that focuses on each particular category. These categories include kitchen, laundry, home care, garden, jewelry, health and beauty, and much more. They also offer special seasonal promotion catalogues for special seasons such as the yuletides. These catalogues are continually updated and non performing products are commonly taken off the list to help distributors have an easier time selling the products.

Kleeneze Compensation Plan


Being the oldest network marketing company in Europe, as well as a founding member of the Direct Selling Association, Kleeneze has a built a solid foundation for its MLM structure. And like most MLM models, there are two common ways that an independent distributor can generate income. First is through retailing, this is where the catalogues come in. You can give catalogues to people or mail them to their houses along with your name and contact number and have them order through you. Each product sold gives you a 21% profit based on the catalogue price. This is instant income for you and it also adds to the volume sales of the group you belong in increasing your group volume commission. By recruiting others to be a part of your team, you have a better chance of having large volume sales thus increasing your commission on that aspect. Depending on the amount, the team can get anywhere from 6 to 16% on the catalogue price besides the individual retail profit that each of you makes. Going up to a higher level is rewarded by the company by a cash bonus with the amount depending on the level being taken, this can be as low as 300 pounds to a high of 1,000 pounds.

Kleeneze also offers non-monetary bonuses for achieving certain qualifications. This can range from free catalogues that you can send to your potential and loyal customers, or it can be an all-expense paid trip as a qualifying distributor to the company’s international conference. Distributors can also be the recipient of a car and for the high achievers; this car can be a luxurious Bentley Continental GT.

Typically, a new sponsor is given training and support by their sponsor as this will benefit the whole team. The company also provides training support and materials to help out new distributors like on-line webinars, workshops, group manuals, and a number of others.

So, no, there is no Kleeneze Scam.

However, even with the leverage afforded from the internet, some basic marketing principles still need to be applied, such as offering your services to the proverbial “hungry crowd” of people who want and are seeking what you have to offer.

That, combined with the tremendous leverage and reach afforded by the internet will really make your business take off.

If you’d like to learn to combine internet marketing with basic marketing principles, and learn to generate upwards of 30+ free leads each day, simply fill out the form below with your name and phone number in order to get instant access to 7 free days of cutting edge MLM training for your network marketing business.

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