Kyani Review

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The Kyani MLM Opportunity Review: An Overview of the Company, their Products, and their Business

Kyani is a company that started with a very solid foundation. Founded by three highly successful and prominent families from Idaho, all of which have made quite a reputation for themselves in the business world, Kyani had the makings of a successful enterprise from the get go. The name of the company is taken from the language of an Alaskan tribe of Eskimos, the Tlingit.


Kyani Review

Kyani Review

Kyani Review

The term “Kyani” which means “Strong Medicine” came to be the company’s name because of a study made on the tribe and their healthy dietary habits. The story is that a biochemist by the name of Dr. Maureen McKenzie travelled to Alaska to do some research on the Tlingit Tribe and study how and why these people have higher health levels than most of the groups of people on the planet. She noted that their dietary habits have a lot to do with their overall well-being and among the foods that they consume on a regular basis are Wild Alaskan Blueberries  and the Sockeye Salmon. Studies on these two types of foods have since given positive results on their nutritional values showing that they are among the best sources available.

An Idaho couple who was in Alaska met the biochemist and learned about her research and discoveries. That couple was Dick and Gayle Powell, founder of the highly successful Mrs. Powell’s Inc, a chain of cinnamon bakeshops, and when they went back home, shared what they have learned with two other prominent entrepreneurs from Idaho too, Kirk Hansen, whose family owns and runs a petroleum business churning out more than half a billion annual revenues, and Carl Taylor, from the Taylors of the famed Idaho potato. The three collaborated on bringing these beneficial ingredients to the market and thus came the company, Kyani.

Kyani was officially started in 2005 with its corporate headquarters established in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Tasked to run the company as its CEO is Michael Breshears, a seasoned business executive that has 3 decades of experience in the network marketing industry. During that span of time, Breshears had quite a successful run in taking businesses and up to the 9 figures revenue club. He also developed a good and long standing relationship with the Direct Selling Association. With the financial capabilities of the founders, the leadership of the company’s CEO, Kyani established a reputation as a company that is financially stable, has a solid corporate leadership, and has the high impact product which can propel the business for a long time.


Kyani Products

Kyani’s products are specially designed and specifically formulated to provide the sufficient amount of nutrients and minerals that our body regularly requires. Many of us don’t really consume the sufficient amount as dictated by the recommended Daily Allowance and the Triangle of Health by Kyani ensures that we do.

The Kyani Triangle of Health offers three products that highly complement the three main functions of our immune system, and that is to repair the damage it has incurred, maintain the proper levels of health, and defend itself from any potentially damaging situations. Each product enhances the other’s capabilities to provide maximized results to achieving a healthier body. These three products are the Kyani Sunrise, contains Wild Alaskan Blueberries and other known super foods delivers ample amounts of nutrients for increased energy, manage stress, enhance brain function, and supports heart health; Kyani Sunset, a product that combines Vitamin E and one of the purest forms of Omega 3 derived from the Sockeye Salmon, and the Kyani NitroFX, a health drink dietary supplement formulated with Nitric Oxide designed to increase blood flow, enhance sexual health, promote balanced levels of blood sugar, and strengthen our immune system.


Kyani Compensation Plan

As an independent sales distributor for Kyani you will have four ways of earning income with their compensation plan. Called the Kyani Paygate, this is a unique compensation plan that allows you to create as many legs or downlines as you want and get paid on all of them. The first method of earning money is through the Customer program, where you can earn 20 to 30% in commission for purchases made by your personal customers. Second is through a fast start bonus, here you can anywhere from 20 to 55% for recruiting new members. Third is the Kiyani Paygate Accumulator which offers multiple commissions on the number of legs you have in your organization. And fourth is the Generational Check Match which is a check matching percentage program on your organizational tree.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that even while this company is top notch and well worth it, you really need to think about how you are going to be marketing either the products or business.

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Kyani’s high-impact products are based on cutting-edge science and nutrition. This site serves as an initial compilation of research available on Kyani’s ingredients. Review the research and see for yourself why the Kyani Health Triangle is extremely effective in promoting health and wellness.

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