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Liberty League Scam Are We All Being Taken Or Is It Legit?

by Kurt Henninger on

Is Libery League A Scam?

Is Libery League A Scam?

Is there truly a Liberty League scam being perpetuated out there?  That opportunity is one of the most popular, high priced network marketing opportunities out there in the last few years.  But, truly is it all worth it, or are there just countless victims being left in the path of a few, wealthy affiliates?

One item of note, that when doing research is that they recently re-launched under a new name, Polaris Media Group in 2009. They did go under a major product and organization change as the founders of the company parted ways.

However, lets look at what was Liberty League International and their company information prior to re-organization.

Now, let me state, that I have never been part of, or associated with the company at all.  This is just completely an outsiders perspective on the whole thing.

As a company they had been around since 2000. It was a personal development company that has been one of the biggest direct sales companies this decade.

As far as the core liberty league products were concerned, they had a three tier product system for its distributors to market.  The tiers were called: Beyond Freedom, retailing at $1,595 and offering a personal development home study course, and the Liberty and Summit conferences ranging from$7,995 and$12,995.  They did have an entry package, or an Associate package for entry at $49.95, but required a $39.95 monthly website fee to maintain. All of these packages were personal development products or conferences aimed at helping an individual attain financial freedom.

In terms of their compensation plan, they utilized something known as  two-up system where you need to directly two business parnters, and then on the third sale you start making commissions directly for yourself.

So, was there a liberty league scam going on?  My assessment is that it was a solid company with a decent product, but alot of the scam allegations came from frustration associated with the two-up compensation model.

It can be extremely hard for a brand new associate to make one sale, let alone three before earning a personal commission.  While there certainly was the possibility to earn a full-time income from this, admittedly that was a hard nut to crack for many, again I feel leading to the many liberty league scam allegations and lawsuits around this company.

An associates success with the business resided completely on their ability to market the business opportunity.  Connecting with people who are looking for the benefits of financial freedom and personal development are central to your success.

Particularly in this day and age, your ability to use the internet to reach out to generate endless leads and present them your opportunity on virtual auto-pilot, something that this particular company definitely lacked in its own training.

I can’t overstate the fact that your marketing and your skill set are a direct determiner of your ability to earn money, not how great or wonderful the compensation plan is, or what your products claim to do.

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