Lifemax Review

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A Review on Lifemax a New Power Player on the Health and Wellness Industry

There are basically two types of companies that can be found on the health and wellness industry, those that have created a product lineup bolstered by a multi-level marketing network operation and those that planned on developing a multi-level network marketing business by producing a product lineup. Gaining pride as being part of the former, Lifemax, despite being a newcomer on the industry, envisioned a company that primarily focuses on delivering a high quality product to the market to be followed only by their desire to provide a viable income generating opportunity to which independent affiliate distributors can find a viable source of income and at the same time bolster the company’s growth.


lifemax review

lifemax review

LifeMax Review

Founded in 2008, Lifemax is considered to be a newcomer in both the health and wellness industry as well as in the network marketing industry. Despite its young existence, Lifemax has established for itself a solid foundation making it one of the more notable expediently rising network marketing companies today. Company statistics have shown that in its first year alone Lifemax made considerable growth allowing it to enjoy positive feedback not only from their customers, but also from their collective network of independent distributors.

Helmed by industry respected figures and power marketing husband and wife team Jim and Sherri Wear, Lifemax made the impressive jump into a highly saturated market composed of established veterans and dedicated professionals that has centuries of combined experienced in integral business elements like science, nutrition, sales, and network marketing. One notable figure in the roster of Lifemax executives is Dr. Bob Arnot, also known as Dr. Danger in his stint as a mainstay in shows produced by the Discovery Channel; he also served as a medical correspondent on network shows like This Morning and Evening News from CBS, NBC’s Evening News and NBC Nightly News, as well as the Today Show. Dr. Arnot is a well-known expert on fitness and an advocate on wellness serving as a former physician for the Olympic Committee.


Lifemax products

Lifemax is a company that has focused much of its resources on delivering a product that both the company and their independent distributors can whole heartedly offer to the growing health and wellness market. This product is what they call Mila – the Miracle Seed. Mila is not a new “miracle” discovery having a history that extends well over 3500 years in the Aztec culture. Also called as Chia or by its scientific name Salvia Hispanica L, Mila is coveted for its rich content of fiber and protein that doesn’t have the commonly accompanying negative high gluten, sugar, and trans-fat content. Mila seeds don’t have any natural odors and tastes and can be easily mixed with your recommended diet or meals without any undesirable effects or complications while still giving its full potency. Mila is also valued for its high levels of Omega 3 and various anti-oxidants. Overall, Mila is beneficial for people looking to defy the aging process, promote their heart’s health, have an easier weight loss program, manage their blood sugar levels, help their digestive system, as well as promote the wellness of their bones, prostate, breasts, blood pressure as well as assist in the development and strength of a mother and her coming baby during her pregnancy.


Lifemax compensation plan

As a business opportunity, Lifemax gives priority to their independent distributors by making their products proprietary, meaning, no one can sell Lifemax products if they are not members of the network. For a company and product that has gained global recognition, this rule allows distributors to have a less dense market to work with. The Lifemax compensation plan is made appealing by the fact that it doesn’t employ overly complicated structures which are designed to confuse the distributor making them think of huge earning potentials while being otherwise made unqualified by complex regulations. Adopting the basic MLM structure, you have three ways to earn money with Lifemax, by buying low and selling for profit through retail, transitional revenues by advancing in your levels, and with residual income through the volume of sales made by your team of distributors. And like all MLM opportunities, your capacity to earn is dictated by your level of commitment and your skills in marketing.

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