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The chance of any business to succeed depends on a lot of factors, but there is one business aspect that is considered as the single most influential factor that can determine its future and that is you, the business owner. No matter how good a product you have, or how capable your team is, if you don’t have the capacity to become a good leader, unsure of what your goals are, constantly doubts yourself, and lack self-confidence, your business will surely fail. These negative traits will not only reflect in your work, but also in your personal life as well. You have the power to change your destiny though, and this is where LifePath Unlimited will be able to help you greatly.


So What Is LifePath Unlimited Really About?

LifePath Unlimited is a personal development company established in 2006 and was founded by Dave MacKenzie, Joe Neid, and Patrick Combs. Based in carefree, Arizona, LifePath Unlimited offers a variety of products designed empower people allowing them to achieve their optimum potentials and maximize their capacity to lead quality lives, pave their way to success, and discover their purpose in life.

Operating in over 38 countries now, LifePath Unlimited has continued to grow and make a huge difference in the lives they touch, and as a

LifePath Unlimited Review

LifePath Unlimited Review

network marketing company, it has been a very viable and reliable source of income for many home based businesses. Undeniably unique, this hugely successful personal development company does not do any selling but is categorized as a direct sales company. Each affiliate is trained and taught the simple LifePath Unlimited 4 step system where a huge chunk of the “selling” is done not by the affiliate, but by the company itself through a 30 minute presentation available on their website. This presentation is continually played at 2 hour intervals, so it’s easy for someone to schedule their viewing anytime of the day.

LifePath Unlimited offers to their clients a series of specially developed programs and seminars that laser targets problem areas to help people change their lives. Each LifePath Unlimited product holds many life changing programs and break through opportunities which will turn your life around completely and let you see everything around you in a different perspective. Some of these LifePath Unlimited products include:

The Discovery Series – A full multimedia collection of home study courses developed by fourteen of the most reputable and experienced life teachers today designed to direct you to your right path, the one that leads to personal growth, prosperity, and happiness. Here you will discover the eight essential paths of massive prosperity: purpose, power, attraction, results, relationships, wellness, riches, and liberation. Included with the Discovery Series is the Awakening DVD, a film specially designed by the company to guide a person to self-discovery and the learning of your life purpose.

The Breakthrough Seminar – An all-inclusive personal development event held twice a year with the venue changing each time. The three day seminar is held at different resorts conducive for relaxing and listening to the inspirational and life changing talks by established speakers. Experience the symbolic fire walk; get to know other people just like you in the culminating black tie dinner, plus lots of other activities.

The Destiny Seminar – a trip for two, this five day event has found various exotic and fabulous locations like Tahiti, Egypt, and Europe, as its venue. Filled with active and engaging activities and teachings from renowned speakers, this seminar is a powerful event designed for taking prosperity to greater heights.


So What About The LifePath Unlimited Compensation Plan?

The LifePath Unlimited compensation plan is designed to be more of a direct sales commission method rather than the network marketing model, despite being a multi-level marketing company. The amount of a commission earned is based on the number of sales done by a person and not by a person’s organization structure or downline. Distributors earn 58% from the sales they make or $1000 for every sale of the Discovery Series. But before a person is qualified for such commissions, he should either purchase the product himself or be able to make 5 sales of the Discovery Series. But with the lessons you will learn from LifePath Unlimited, you will soon discover that the new you will have no difficulty in making these advancements to prosperity.

Is There A LifePath Unlimited Scam?

Not at all.  Quite the contrary, this business looks like it fills big need for self development products in the MLM community and appears to be rock solid.

However, remember that the key to your success isn’t all just success speak and a great company.  Rather, you need to really apply basic marketing principles to this or any other business and get it in front of people actively looking for this product or business opportunity.

Right now, without a doubt, the internet provides the quickest means to get your product in front of your most targeted prospects.  Places such as search engines, article directory, video sites, and social media sites team with prospects, if approached correctly.

If you’d like to learn how to generate leads online, and get up to 30+ free prospects per day from the internet, simply fill out your name and email address below to get instant access to seven free days of cutting edge MLM training for this or any other mlm business.

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