Longaberger Review

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Company Review: The Longaberger Company


MLM or multilevel marketing companies now number to the hundreds so people have to be careful where they put their money. Try to find groups that catch your interest and attention on a personal level. You should also invest in companies that have been existent for several years and offer products that you believe in. There are several to choose from on the internet. You can also start the business immediately and earn income with limitless possibilities. Here are some details about the Longaberger Company.


longaberger review

longaberger review

Longaberger Review


The Longaberger Company is well-known as a quality maker of handcrafted maple wood baskets, home goods and other lifestyle items like specialty foods, pottery, fabric accessories and wrought iron. The company is based in Dresden, Ohio, United States and is one of the biggest employers in Southeastern Ohio. The company was launched in Dresden but is based in Newark, Ohio. It is an enterprise owned by the Longaberger family. Dave Longaberger initiated the manufacturing efforts. Rachel Longaberger and Tami Longaberger, his daughters, continued the business after his death.

It is one of the most successful family-owned enterprises in the United States and the world, with about 45,000 independent home representatives working today. The Longaberger products are available only from the home consultants, through a direct selling approach, and not from other establishments and stores. Every basket manufactured has a sign and date from the maker. The stamp of the company is also positioned at the base of the product.

The “Medium Market Basket” is the top-selling product of Longaberger, which also explains the shape and architecture of the main corporate base on State Route 16. The handles of the basket is close to 150 tons and is usually heated during the winter and cold weather to avoid damage from ice. Dave Longaberger initially intended for all company structures to appear like baskets. However, only the headquarters followed the shape during his death.


Longaberger Products


J.W. Longaberger, Dave Longaberger’s father was the original maker of quality baskets. Dave and his wife Bonnie learned basket-making first from The Dresden Basket Factory. Even after the factory closed, the couple continued to make great baskets and started their own company. More products were introduced in the line, particularly catering to home owners and homemakers. Pottery was also made of very good quality, and can easily fit into the baskets. There are different accessories and items that can serve well as decorations or included in collections. These products are admired by people all over the globe and are usually passed on from one generation to the next. Porcelain products are also made that match and fit into the baskets. These items are not readily available in other stores and malls. You can only purchase the products from a company representative.


Longaberger Compensation Plan


People can earn money using the MLM or multilevel approach of the business. As a marketer, you can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. You get 25% commission on all products you sell, plus passive income from the sales made by individuals you have invited into the company. The good thing about being a marketer for Longaberger is that these items are only available from you and fellow affiliates, making them highly in demand by customers all across America. The products are also very easy to sell and are made of the highest quality with very attractive designs. Some of the products include household goods, accessories for the home, pots, porcelain and of course, baskets.

Distributor Perks

As a host, you will have the responsibility of introducing the products and the business opportunity to people you know. You need to have leadership skills, good influence and good communication skills to effectively represent the company and feature the advantages of the items. You can also make use of other materials like creating an online website or page in a social networking site for free to let others know about the privileges and products.

Your advantage as a distributor of Longaberger is belonging to a company that has already established itself in the industry for many decades. You can be sure that the scheme is legitimate and stable. You also get to know several other marketers in the field who can help you build your client base. Upfront fee is very cheap and you get incentives and other benefits by joining the program.

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