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Mandura Compensation Plan And Why It’s Not The Only Answer To Help You

by Kurt Henninger on

Is The Mandura Compensation Plan Worth Your Time?

Is The Mandura Compensation Plan Worth Your Time?

No doubt you have heard of one of the newest network marketing companies, Mandura.  There has been a ton of hype and talk about it all over the industry, and it is one of the fastest growing companies right now, but lets really dig into this and see if the Mandura compensation plan is all it’s cracked up to be and whether it is truly worth your time?

When you go into the main company website, one of the first things that strikes you about the mandura compensation plan the actual way that they build their organization.  Truly unique in the MLM industry, they utilize what is known as a straight line forced matrix, where everyone in the company goes into one line of the organization.

To be more specific, the mandura compensation plan has a total of 4 revenue streams, retail sales, 8 generation bonus, team commissions, and bulk order bonuses.

So, yes, their payout plan does look lucrative, and in fact coupled with the way they build their organization, does create a very attractive position for a brand new distributor coming into the organization, and really has a unique selling position to market from.

However, one critical flaw of that you see again and again from distributors from this and every company is that they completely rely on hype and an approach that this is a “can’t miss opportunity”.  To be honest, this doesn’t sell any more in todays market place.

Instead of focusing on the particulars of the mandura compensation plan, build your organization around what YOU have to offer your business builders and how you personally will help them.

Think of it this way, if someone is already interested in joining this business, what makes you stand out from every other distributor in this company.

Also, what keeps them attracted to the business once the newness wears off and other “glittery” compensation plans are out there?

The basis of any business should be the marketing of you and yourself, rather then just features of the business.  Let’s face it, new companies are popping up all the time and are literally a click away on the internet now.  Attrition is a huge factor right now and will continue to be in this industry.

By focusing on your marketing, and what makes you unique and what you have to offer people and how you can help solve their problems, this insulates you from competitors and gives you long term viability in your business.

In particular, right now with the huge use of the internet, you have the ability to reach out and get in front of a targeted group of Mandura prospects literally with the push of a button and generate leads already interested in what you have to offer.

If you want to learn more about how to stop hyping up the mandura compensation plan, and really grow your business on the internet and generate targeted leads for yourself, simply fill out the form below with your name and email address to get 7 free days of cutting edge MLM training to help you grow your business and get 30+ free leads per day.

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