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A Virtual Tour of Market America – A Review of an

International Business Opportunity

Calling itself the ultimate online destination, Market America has earned all the right to label itself as a premier online hub for retailers as it is indeed one of the largest online retail products provider with affiliations to more than three thousand stores, 50 million different products and services to be found, 3 million preferred customers, almost 200,oo independent distributors, an average of 30 million page views monthly, and localized business centers all over the world.  All of this has resulted to an accumulated retail sales amount of almost 4 billion dollars with more than half of it going to commissions and bonuses to the individuals that has brought Market America closer to the market, what the company calls their “UnFranchise Owners.”

Established by the husband and wife team of JR and Loren Ridinger in 1992, Market America is an industry leading internet marketing business that follows the direct selling model. Market America offers a wide variety of products channeled through their distributors in a network framework that the company calls their “UnFranchise Model.” Market America coined the term because they offer interested individuals the opportunity to establish and own a business that offers the many benefits of a franchise but without the necessity to pay a hefty franchise fee.


Market America Review


Every approved application for an UnFranchise Ownership is provided a proven working business system that is standardized across all their UnFranchise Owners. Market America supplies the technology, tools, and support that each individual will need to make their UnFranchise Business work and the company will even provide training programs and your very own web portal for establishing a web presence wherein you can direct potential customers to see what you are offering. Unlike the traditional business where a budding entrepreneur would need to invest in a physical brick and mortar shop, stocks, salaries, and utilities among many others, the Market America network model eliminates all of these, and instead of having to shell out money for a franchise fee, Market America will instead pay you commission and bonuses for marketing and selling their products for them.

market america review

market america review

In fact, you can say that many of the work involved in the business, which you now own, is done by Market America for you. They do the packing and shipping, they do most of the above the line marketing and brand recognition campaigns, stock the products, track market trends and habits, ensure quality control, and more or less, you will be doing localized marketing and selling. This is fantastic as you can focus on the task at hand. You won’t need to be bothered by all the nitty-gritty details of running a business and just make sure that you are making some sale, which is the main source for your income.

Unlike other MLM or network marketing opportunities, where distributors are made to focus on making a recruit to build a large organization within the organization, Market America instead encourages their distributors to make more sales, as this is where true commission comes from. Many of the MLM scams that prey on their distributors operate on a pyramid scheme where there are really no sales being made and the money from the recruits is just what is being circulated within the organization. In time, this money will run out and everybody won’t have anything to show for. With the compensation plan of Market America, based on a binary model, the business volume is what’s going to be used as the main basis for what you have earned.

And Market America doesn’t reel you in with the hype. They are upfront about the timeframe where your UnFranchise Business will churn out profits, which according to them would be from 2 to 5 years. What they are trying to establish with their distributors is a long term business that will be able to produce residual income that may or may not make you a wealthy person, but it will bring a substantial amount of income if given the proper attention and focus. With amazing products, the solid support of a global online retail empire, and the proper training and supply of tools, Market America may very well be the future of a successful businessman.

The fact is that even with this high profile opportunity, one needs to learn how to market, and apply basic direct marketing principles.  Particularly, the internet is the best place right now to to attract leads for your mlm business, with things like search engines, article directories, video directories, and social media.

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