Mary Kay Review

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Looking Closely at Mary Kay as a Business Opportunity

Friday the thirteenth is commonly viewed in a negative light the world over; many associate it with bad luck while some tell gruesome tales about it. But for Mary Kay, this is apparently not the case. Founded on that very dreaded day on September 1963, Mary Kay has proven everything but bad luck; in fact, it has shown to be a very profitable business venture for the thousands of people who have chosen the company as their means for generating income and have thanked their stars for meeting such a fortunate opportunity.

Mary Kay Review

Mary Kay Review

Nearing its fifth decade in existence, Mary Kay has moved on from its first store in Dallas, filled with second hand furniture, to an even bigger world headquarters in Addison, Dallas today and into 35 markets globally in 5 continents. The company now reaches 2.5 billion in total worldwide sales thanks to an independent sales force that numbers well over 2 million and continuously growing. In the US, there are about 600,000 independent sales distributors and many have found themselves with a viable and sustainable business that proved to be profitable.

Mary Kay Products


Starting off with nine skin care products, Mary Kay today has a product line that spans various categories of beauty and personal care products for both men and women. Some of their major product categories include skin care, make up, fragrances, and accessories. While not all Mary Kay products are offered all over the world, with some especially formulated for the region it is intended to be sold and marketed, there are still numerous choices that are available, in the US alone, there are over two hundred different products being offered.

A direct selling company that prides itself for its innovations and its dedication to excellence, Mary Kay has been awarded many firsts in the direct selling industry and is one of the well respected and trusted names in it. For one, Mary Kay has been one of the first, if not the first, to pledge its support to animal rights banning the practice of animal testing in the development of their products. Quality wise, the company invests millions of dollars each year to pursue the highest quality in what they offer to the market and employs the leading authorities in dermatology and other skin care experts. They have various state of the art laboratories and manufacturing facilities to ensure consistency and live up to the Mary Kay brand and its reputation.

Mary Kay Compensation Plan


A great product though doesn’t automatically spell success, and for Mary Kay, their growth to a global scale can be attributed to their affiliates and partners, the independent distributors which have helped greatly in spreading the Mary Kay brand and selling it to the market. These distributors have grown to a massive scale thanks to the company’s generous compensation plan. Like most multilevel marketing opportunities, the amount of compensation one can potentially earn depends on the position of a distributor in the hierarchy of their team or group.

Basically, there are three basic distributor levels in the Mary Kay structure, the entry level is the independent beauty consultant level, followed by the independent sales director level, and then there is the national sales director level. The most basic way to earn profit is by selling the products, each level provides a profit of fifty percent from the retail price to which they sold the product. Other sources for income come mostly from team commissions and from bonuses. The commissions that one can earn will grow in percentage as your distributor level elevates. Depending on the minimum amount of team orders and sales, you can get commissions starting from 4 percent. Bonuses for recruiting new consultants will start from 50 dollars and if you reach the level of sales director, this can double to a hundred.

With its dedication in providing help to their consultants, Mary Kay offers marketing and training programs in the various direct selling methods and approaches. As a new consultant, you will be provided with scripts and forms along with the training for hosting direct selling events such as sales parties. With much competition on this kind of market, such trainings and support will be highly beneficial for independent consultants to see their efforts yield positive results.

Is There A Mary Kay Scam?

In short, no.  The Mary Kay business, and its associated business builders have been a mainstay of the direct selling industry for years, and will continue to be so in the future.

However, when you really look at the company, one thing that you see is the need to modernize and learn to leverage the internet.  Specifically what I mean learning how to tap into the vast reservoir of people and prospects who are looking for the specific things that you have to offer in an MLM business.  This is know as targeted marketing, and right now, the internet and things like search engines, blogs, video sites, social media sites provide perfect venues to see these things.

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Vita March 5, 2012 at 11:41 am

I have used Mary Kay products exclusively on my face for more than 10 years! I refuse to use anything else…why? Because you cannot improve on something that works perfectly for you. At age 54, my skin is smooth and flawless. I use the basic skin care and it works wonders for me. And yes, the products work wonders on African American skin….

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