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MonaVie 2.0 Gets Talked Up At Off-Site Convention

by Kurt on

MonaVie 2.0 Gets Talked Up At Off-Site Convention


MonaVie is composed of 19 fruits and 11 vegetables. Its ORAC is valuated within the 18,000 to 20,000 range. There is nothing that can compare with it. The health benefit and the cost is enough for anyone to sign up.

MonaVie has created an all-encompassing program which includes recruitment, training, marketing certification and support that enables an easy turn-key business solution worth thousands of dollars when sold.

Mark Macdonald, the company’s newest spokesperson, have conceptualized a 90-day program called RVLUtion. It is a cutting edge program that surpasses the results of traditional weight loss programs. I have personally experienced every one of his breakout sessions and I am even more motivated to take the certification courses including one in which I can be a certified nutritionist.

MonaVie is to take things to greater heights. We have the proper tools and a sturdy support system that will empower us and hit it big time – like never been seen before in the industry of network marketing. We are committed into developing well-rounded marketing professionals who have extensive knowledge on the product as well as the business.

Starting this month, instructional materials that will cover self-development and self-improvement will be rolled out to the public. Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

More details about this program will be posted in the next few days. However, I wanted you have a sneak preview to get you excited.

A new weight loss challenge will be launched soon and the effort will be company-wide. This challenge will take 90 days, and, hopefully, hit 1,000 cities before 2012 ends.


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