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Monavie 2.0 Highlights

by Kurt on

MonaVie, the company known for its innovative juice-based health supplements, recently held the MonaVie 2.0 event in Dallas, Texas. The event introduced attendees to advancements in MonaVie’s product line as well as provided motivation to become healthier while considering becoming a MovaVie distributor. Additionally, MonaVie’s charitable character was highlighted during the event in which $173,000 was raised to provide basic needs of health and happiness to poverty-stricken families in Brazil.

The original supplements produced by MonaVie are blends of juices noted for their powerful antioxidant capabilities. The company’s newest products take this juice-blend foundation and mingle it with different ingredients to meet the unique needs of different groups of consumers. For example, MonaVie Elements® is the company’s line of vitamin and mineral supplements targeted to various age groups and each gender.  MonaVie MX® is a juice blend that combines ingredients from several of their other products into a powerful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and immune-stimulating product.

The success of MonaVie depends directly on the accomplishments of its distributors. To that end, MonaVie launched a new training technique called the MonaVie Values People, or MVP. The MVP project provides distributors with educational materials that enable them to be the most successful MonaVie businesspeople possible.

In addition to its line of antioxidant supplements, MonaVie has a product for weight loss called MonaVie RVL. MonaVie representatives at MovaVie 2.0 gave a motivational discourse about this product and how combining it with certain lifestyle choices can lead to improved health that lasts a lifetime. They call this combination the MonaVie RVLution.

MORE is a charitable organization that helps indigent families in Brazil learn vital life skills while teaching them about healthy living. MonaVie’s mlm business opportunity distributors donated a total of $173,000 to MORE while at the MonaVie 2.0 event. MORE plans to expand its efforts to other areas of the world such as India and Mexico.

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