Monavie And Dallin Larsen Announce New Corporate Roles

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Monavie Dallin Larsen Announcement

monavie dallin larsenRecently, Monavie, one of the leading health juice beverage companies announced that several people were moving around in their company into new positions.

As reported in this corporate video, some of the highlights of the moves were:

- Randy Schroeder, who has been serving as the Chief Executive for the company in Europe has now accepted and taken on the additional role of being the chief executive in North America  as well.  This obviously is a huge move for Randy Schroeder, but his service in Europe indicates that he is up to the challenge.  Randy himself joined the company as a distributor in 2008 and quickly was asked to join the corporate structure as an executive.

- Jeff Graham was notified as the “Executive Vice President of Global Product Strategy”.  Jeff himself has been with the company in various roles since 2005.  Again, according to the video

“Jeff has been with us from the beginning and he’s a loyal and trusted member of this team. He is passionate about creating and marketing unique, cutting-edge nutritional products, and we are fortunate to have someone with his talents and commitment to help guide the next phase of our company’s strategic product development,”

What do all these moves by the Mona Vie MLM mean?

Could it be that this move especially Schroeder’s signals that the company feels it has to rely on it’s “Aces” in order to continue to grow at the torrid pace it has maintained since its launch in 2005?

Our opinion here is that this could indicate that there are troubles in the North American division, and needs to bring in one of its heavies to help sort things out.

What does this monavie Dallin Larsen announcement mean to you?

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