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Monavie Continues To Introduce New Products

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The producer of wellness and health products, MonaVie has recently a new product platform designed to meet any individuals personal nutritional needs in a delivery system very simple and easy to use. This new system is known as MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry.

Still another recent entry designed to help guide distributor efforts and success is MonaVie Values People(MVP) which will help achieve the next growth phase and serve as the continued global expansion centerpiece.

Jeff Cohen who is the chief marketing officer at MonaVie has repeatedly stressed how simple it will be for consumers to take care of their nutritional needs no matter how unique they may be with MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry to help get the job done.

Cohen has also stated how Health Match which is the new nutritional assessment tool online helps in three simple steps individuals to recognize specific needs they have and then offer product recommendations personalized for them.

Still another recent entry is MonaVie Elements. This line of products makes available powder format customized nutrition and delivers it in packets. The packets have been formulated to offer various health benefits that are essential to support an assortment of various gender/age specific needs one may have.

The product is consumed very easily by either adding it to form part of the MonaVie RVL Shake, adding it to any of the health juices the company offers or simply adding it to 8oz of water.

Along with the launch of Nutritional Chemistry are an additional five elements introduced by the company.

These include MonaVie GL to help maintain proper sugar levels, MonaVie BR supporting brain function, Childrens Minerals & Vitamins, MonaVie WM a health promoting element and Men’s Vitamins & Minerals which contains 24 minerals and vitamins deemed essential.

The products are available in Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. and throughout 2012 in more markets all the time internationally.

About Monavie:

Monavie is one of the leading health and wellness nutritional companies focusing on using the MLM Business Model.

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