Monavie Review

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Monavie Review

What Are The Monavie Business And Products All About?

Monavie stands high on the list of popular MLM business opportunities these days, even though it is a relatively new company.  But, why has it attained such quick popularity, and is all the hype and interest in the business and product lines warrented?  That is what this Monavie review will focus on.

Why Is The Monavie Business So Popular?

Launched on the onset of 2005, Monavie is a brand that sells fruit juice concentrates using acai berries as its primary ingredient. It is a privately owned distributing company under Monarch Health Services which is also a major distributor of supplemental products for diet and weight loss programs. Dallin Larsen founded both companies and has made Salt Lake City, Utah as its base of operations. Larsen’s experience as a senior executive from Dynamic Essentials and Usana, both operating with MLM business models, has allowed him to bring the company to a bigger market both online and offline in such a short time.

In fact, in September 2009, the compnay was given by Inc. Magazine a high 18th place rank as one of the fastest growing companies in the US. The company ranked number 1 in the food and beverage category and number 3 in generated revenue. As a testament to the huge success that the company was experiencing, CEO Larsen received recognition from Ernst and Young as one of Utah’s Entrepreneur of the Year in June of 2009 and in the same year that November, Larsen was bestowed the National Entrepreneur of the Year for Emerging Markets by the same awarding company. All of this equals to the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Today, Monavie is a highly profitable health and wellness company that markets various nutritional liquid based supplements that contains not only acai berry, but is the main ingredient, but also 19 other nutritious fruit extracts. Some of the other fruits blended in with the bottled juices include apple, white grape, purple grape, aronia, cranberry, pear, passion fruit, prune, blueberry, acerola, wolfberry, camu camu, pomegranate, lychee fruit, banana, cupuaçu, bilberry, and kiwifruit.

Monavie markets their business under three major product lines, health juices, energy blends, and weight solutions.

Intro to Monavie Energy Drinks

The  health juices line offer multiple nutritional benefits ranging from powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins that help in boosting a person’s immune system, enhance joint health, and support heart wellness. These health juices are further broken down into subcategories which are specifically formulated for targeting certain nutritional benefits, these sub categories are the Active, Pulse,  MUN, and Kosher.

Under the Monavie Energy Drink Blends, you get two products, the E MV and  E MV Lite. Formulated to provide a boost of energy for promoting enhanced alertness and performance, along with lasting endurance, these bottled fruit drinks are not only highly beneficial for our body, but also tastes great. And lastly, the weight solutions line offer the RVL Nutrition Shake Mix, RVL Dietary Supplement, and RVL Nutrition Snack Bar, packed with all the nutrients and calories to help a person in his or her weight loss program.

What About The Monavie Compensation Plan?

Aside from having a marvelous line of products, the company owes much of its success to its vast members of distributors that have found a viable venue to find financial freedom and Monavie’s innovative and dynamic compensation plan as compared to other MLM and direct selling distributing companies. There are ten ways that a person can earn an income with the company, which includes direct sales and preferred customer bonus, top retailer bonus, bulk order bonus, first order bonus, star maker bonus, team bonus, growth bonus, executive check match bonus, leadership bonus, and multiple business centers bonus.

Considered as a hybrid binary compensation plan, the Monavie compensation plan basically requires a person to sponsor individuals to act as the frontlines of the business center. The capacity to earn is dependent on the volume of members and not the number of levels and a distributor earns from the 10% of the group volume and not the percentage of the sales made from the downline, commonly seen in other MLM companies.

Enjoying a high reputation and market trust, is a company that has a solid track record and has proven its viability as a potential income generating venture for many individuals today.

So what is the summary here?  Is there a Monavie Scam going on?  Hardly, it really looks like a rock solid company with a popular product line which will only get more popular as more people focus improving their health.

However, one common theme among distributors in Monavie, and many other companies is that they try to build their business simply by telling anyone and everyone how “wonderful” the product is and how one of a kind the opportunity is.  This is a hard sell these days as prospects have become numb to others hyping business opportunities to make a quick buck.

Far more effective is learning how to target those who are already seeking what you have to offer, whether that is in the form of product customers looking for drinks with high ORAC value, or those searching for businesses to work at home.  This is known as targeted marketing and will greatly improve the chances of success in your business.

Right now, hands down, the best place to find high quality prospects of this kind are on the internet.  Sites such as search engines, social media venues and targeted online communities are virtually teaming with potential prospects.

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