NHT Global Review

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A Review of NHT Global: A Record Setting Direct Selling MLM Network Company

Proving itself to be more than just a flash in the pan company, NHT Global’s continued growth and expansion proved that its record pace ascent to the top of the global market was no fluke.  The Dallas, Texas based network marketing company rose to global market status like no other, established in January 2001, the company launched operations in two international markets, Canada and Taiwan barely a month after, and went on to create their market in Puerto Rico just after a few weeks. In thirty months, NHT Global was able to create market distributions in thirty countries serviced by 11 international offices.


nht global review

nht global review

NHT Global Review

NHT Global is a subsidiary of Natural Health Trends Corporation, a publicly traded company with more than two decades of operation. Like its parent company, NHT Global offers health and wellness products that mainly focus on skin care, its flagship product though when the company first started was anything but for skin care.

The company’s start was as fast paced as its growth, just 10 days after discussions were made between business associates about an intimacy product directed for women, NHT Global was introduced to the world and so was Alura, a safe water soluble compound formulated to increase sensitivity in a woman’s clitoris to enhance intimacy and create better relationships.

Despite the rush into creating NHT Global and marketing Alura, the company was able to generate a first year revenue that reached twenty million dollars. NHT Global was able to double that amount the next year, reach sixty million dollars in their third, and by the fourth year, was able to surpass the one hundred million mark by over thirty million. In that same year, NHT Global was given recognition as the fastest growing publicly traded company in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area.  Today, NHT Global has made total sales that has reached the five billion dollar mark and has established itself as network marketing force to be reckoned with.


NHT Global Products

Like most successful MLM and direct selling companies, a large portion of their market achievements can be attributed to having products that consumers want. Unlike other health and wellness products, NHT Global provides products that show instant results, so there is no doubt as to whether they are effective or not. In a market industry that has fierce competition, giving your customers value and immediate results will create a large loyal customer base.

Aside from the Alura intimacy crème, NHT Global now has a wide array of product lines and brands, including Energin for boosting energy and metabolism, Glucosamine 2200 for promoting joint and cartilage health, TriFusion Max and Premium Noni Juice, dietary supplement drinks made from well-known nutrients rich natural ingredients, Lavie,a health energy drink, Triotein, protein powder for protection against toxins, Cluster X2, a herbal supplement drink, and their Skindulgence Line for skin nourishment, anti-aging, and overall care.


NHT Global Compensation Plan

These high quality products though won’t be made widely available throughout the world without the 300,000 strong NHT Global network. A member of the Direct Selling Association, NHT Global is composed of a well experienced executive management team that has designed an MLM structure that doesn’t just make it easy for a person to become a part of their network, but also offer the opportunity to create a solid and profitable business based on a proven business model.

Becoming an NHT Global distributor only takes three easy steps. First, submit your application for enrolment to NHT Global, you can choose between becoming a representative of the company only or avail of the many services of the Business Builder package. Next, activate your Retail Business Center, this is where you will be able to sell NHT Global products and accumulate group sales volume. And third, achieve the qualifications where you can avail of the many different ways that the NHT Global compensation plan can make you generate profits.

Generally, the NHT Global compensation plan provides four ways of earning money; through retail profits, Direct Sales Commissions, Express Override Bonuses, and True Matching Bonuses. There are three distributor ranks set by NHT Global, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, your rank will dictate the percentage of commissions that you can qualify for.

However, as with most MLM Business Opportunity options, those in this company need to get their business and products in front of potential customers, and right now, the internet is the best medium for this, hands down.

Literally, there are thousands of people searching specifically for the solutions that your products and company provide.

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