Nikken Review

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The Nikken MLM Opportunity Review

Nikken is one of those companies that people look at when they are trying to augment their monthly income hoping to add a couple of hundreds of dollars to pay some bills or your looking for a business opportunity where you can have a good payout, network marketing can highly likely give you this opportunity. What’s essential is that you’re able to align yourself with a company that offers a sellable product and offers a generous compensation plan. It’s hard enough to sell a product that people don’t want, not getting paid enough for all your efforts would just be downright a waste of time. One of the companies that you can consider, offering the two attributes mentioned above, is Nikken.

Nikken Review

Nikken Review

Still going strong since it was established in 1975 by Isamu Masuda in Japan, Nikken has grown to become an international company today catering to almost 40 countries and as a direct sales company, is represented globally by hundreds of thousands of individual distributors who have made a good amount of income selling the innovative Nikken products. Nikken’s reach extended to American shores in 1989 and has established a solid presence in the USA market; they now have a Nikken USA office located at Irvine, California.

Nikken Products

Nikken’s rise to global scale is due to the many innovations and breakthroughs in health and wellness technology that doesn’t just provide our bodies with the needed nutrients and vitamins to make it healthy and boost its immunity, but also, provide us comfort, relieve pain, and cleanse the environment for a total body relaxation. Nikken’s first product was the Magsteps, a wellness solution which soothed and relieved discomfort from tired feet. Being one of the common discomforts that we feel regularly, Magsteps became highly popular as more people were now able to eliminate nagging pain on the soles of their feet by simply placing the magnetic textured insoles in their shoes.

More ground breaking technologies followed suit as Nikken offered products that enhanced the rest and relaxation periods of every man and alleviated the pains and discomfort that became a nuisance to everyday activity. Like the Kenko Sleep System. This advanced sleep technology allowed people to have a better relaxing time lulling a person into deep slumber giving him or her the right kind of sleep. Nothing recharges a person quite like a good night’s sleep and this prepares us for a full day ahead the next morning. They are not just any ordinary pillows, comforters or mattress topper, this Nikken system incorporates the company’s magnetic technology that creates an ideal condition for the environment surrounding you for optimum body performance. This technology is found in most of Nikken’s amazing pioneering products like the Magsteps, MagCreator, KenkoSeat and PetPad, PiMag Water products, Biaxial Body Energizer, and Nikken’s lime of jewelry and fashion accessories.

Nikken Compensation Plan


These wonderful products has made Nikken very popular both to people looking to find ways in enhancing their quality of life and those who wish to do the same by earning an income through the Nikken network. Nikken implements a compensation plan based on a method called the “stairstep-breakaway.” In this MLM structure, a person doesn’t have to stay as part of their sponsor’s downline forever. Once a certain quota in sales performance is achieved and a particular number of recruits is made, that person can “break away” from the organization and start his or her own. For new Nikken independent distributors, this offers the opportunity to generate a higher income as the organization leader. For the original sponsor, he or she is still entitled to some compensation from the breakaway group albeit smaller now.  Nikken offers a number of ways where you can earn commissions and bonuses as well as incentives like their auto or home program. For those making retail sales, Nikken commonly gives a 25% commission for any product that you sell.

Like any MLM opportunity, the key here is to develop a strong and hardworking unit. The bigger you are the larger the sales volume will be. For the leader, this means more commission, for the downlines, this provides the experience and development of skills which can prepare them to becoming a good leader and sponsor themselves when they decide to break away from their original group,  and while doing so, earning a decent income for themselves.

Does This Mean Nikken Is A Scam?

Hardly.  All businesses require hard work and dedication, and this one is no exception.

One thing that many distributors in this company could improve upon is who they are targeting in their marketing.  Far too often, they fall into the same trap that many in other mlm businesses around the globe do, thinking that everyone is a prospect for them.

Today, what is far more effective is targeting people who are looking specifically for the benefits of what you have to offer.  The internet provides a perfect platform for this, as it is now the place where people go to in order to do research.  Getting your website in front of the right people is the quickest way to do that.

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