Numis Network Review – Why Are So Many In MLM Jumping On The Band Wagon? Numis Network Review – Why Are So Many In MLM Jumping On The Band Wagon? | MLM Business Opportunity Reviews And News

Numis Network Review – Why Are So Many In MLM Jumping On The Band Wagon?

by Kurt Henninger on

Numis Network Review

Numis Network Review

If you have had your ear to the ground in MLM the last year or so you no doubt have heard of the Numis Network. This particular Numis Network Review focuses on whether all of the hype and buzz surrounding one of the industry’s newest opportunities is all legitimate, or whether it is just a scam or not.

First, let’s review what the Numis Network is all about. When you go to their website at , you see that the company has a vision of becoming the world’s largest retailer of gold and silver new numistic coins. All through the vehicle of the network marketing as a means of distributing them.

Yes, the Numis Network’s main product is gold and silver coins, with their flagship product coin being the Silver American Eagle. This coin in particular is graded at MS 70.   So really, this company has a very unique  and one of a kind product in the home business industry.

Now, let’s review the Numis Network compensation plan.  When you look at, the company uses a binary network to build their organization, the main advantage of which is potential spillover from a very active upline who recruits and places a new distributors or customers into your binary organization.  What this really means is that you can earn money through both enrolling new representatives into your organization and through the spillover of your upline placing people underneath you.

You can unlock an additional bonus, known as a collector bonus by qualifying for a certain training process through the company.

In review, is the Numis Network a scam? Absolutely not it looks like a very solid company with a truly unique product to market.

However, one thing you see as many distributors in this business is that they rely completely on selling the company or product and not themselves. The true advantage of building any kind of network marketing organization comes when you build a relationship with your business builders or customers directly with you, and make yourself unique and develop your own unique selling proposition or USP.

Think of it this way, if some of you were interested in the Numis Network products or business opportunity, why would they join you and what uniquely do you have to offer them as opposed to other distributors in the company?

Once you realize this, and really develop a unique offer, you can truly take it to the next level by taking advantage of the leverage provided by the Internet.  Nowhere else are you able to quickly connect with targeted prospects who are already looking for what you have to offer.

This Numis Network Review was just one tool to help you grow your business.

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